Saturday, December 29, 2007


Everybody loves to catch up with friends. But in this busy day and age to actually meet up and hang out with people outside of work place or educational institution is very difficult. Its the eternal problem of TIME.

Strangely I found a few friends all relatively free on the same day, when I had the time and opportunity for a house party.Now, here comes the catch....I knew each one of them from a different place viz. one from pune, one from my building, one from a class that I once took etc and some of them were bringing their friends to boot.

So, not only did my guests not know each other, I had guests whom, even I didn't know.
Now, if you have ever planned a party you know, that this is a sure shot recipe for disaster!!
Guess what....
Surprisingly, it was a HIT!!

People started arriving at around 6 in the evening. Every time a person came in there was this introduction session, but I restricted it to who's who and left them to figure the rest in the course of the evening. Till around 8, when my last guests arrived, it was pretty interesting and you could literally see people "getting to know each other" over a couple of drinks.
Its funny how comfortable the whole atmosphere became. Not a SINGLE person, and i don't exaggerate, not a single person was left out. Yes, there were some jokes that were sometimes lost on a few people, a few lapses of memory(i.e."Oh sorry, what was your name again?" kinds) and some verbal faux pas, which could actually happen anywhere.

A multi-cultural, multi-professional and metropolitan crowd, it was quite a stimulating and fun place to be.

Dinner was an even better affair. Despite it being a Friday night we decided to take a chance at a restaurant, without prior reservation. Piling into rickshaws, after 2 tries we finally got a decent table at one, where NONE of us had eaten before (For those in Mumbai, its called "Restaurant 5", in Santacruz, around Rs.250-300 per head, exclusive of alcohol) . It was one of the best meals I've had in a really long while. Pleasant ambiance, amazing food and even better company!
Funny stories from school, college, work place from such a broad spectrum of people...It was fascinating! Not one boring moment.

We then headed to Bombay Blues, for our eternal favourite, Sizzling Brownie Sundae. There outside through the glass we were entertained by a couple of kids diligently practicing their WWE moves.That kept us for about half an hour.

All then camped at my place for the night..Floyd in the background(minus the vodka, unfortunately).There was a chaotic mess of people who had to get to work and college and stuff from 6 o clock in the morning, and all this from people who had finally condescended to sleep at 5 am.

I was left behind with a messy house, impending studies for my next paper and a sense of happiness.

Everyone here last night had a good time and has made a minimum of 2 new friends.
We figured out rock music is a common interest and most of us are meeting again tonight at 'Livewire'..the am-band finals and rock show as a part of Mood Indigo, at IIT Bombay...

so go figure!!! :) :)

I should try this more often...It all seems to work out in the end!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


i actually saw the movie first day..first show...
but i dont have the time to actually write a review about thus movie...because..
i could simply keep writing!!

it is BRILLIANT.....multifaceted....sensitively handled.....implosive in its drama....

The actor Darsheel is awesome....he has done an amazing job..
and Aamir Khan..words fail me..
His directorial debut was an ABSOLUTE dhamaka!!

There were so many things i loved about it that i can't even begin to put it down..
I was in tears throughout the movie...
It is BEAUTIFUL in every single respect..
Kudos to the whole team of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR..
and a special one to Aamir Khan for giving us this movie hoping there will be many such more...


Saturday, December 22, 2007

<<<<<<------ONE YEAR BACK..........>>>>>TODAY


December, in Mumbai, is one of the most pleasant months. The residents of the city get a respite from the humidly oppressive heat without having to bear harsh winters.
On one such day in December 2006, they met around mid-morning at Churchgate station-A casual meeting between friends who hadn't met for a while because of exam schedules. They greeted each other with brilliant smiles, reserved for people who "make your day".

They exchanged initial pleasantries and headed towards Mocha for a relaxed morning of coffee and chatter. Most of the day passed by like a breeze...lunch at Pizzeria....a walk along Marine Drive...well almost...

Come evening, they sat together at the sea-side. Each of them involved in their own thoughts--thoughts of events, other people and life in general. The conversation was just perfect, just enough to suggest company and comfortable enough to allow room for the thoughts.
Suddenly, she glanced at him and caught him staring at her. She held his eye and they looked....just looked at each other.

They only noticed time, when it began trying to veil the intimacy of their gaze, with the dark blue of the night sky.The spell lifted and a chill breeze blew in.

Not a little conscious, she eventually asked him,"Usually when we speak, even when you are miles away from me, over the phone, I always know what exactly is going on in your mind and heart...
But today, you are here sitting, not 1 foot away from me and I'm incapable of understanding anything about you."
He just smiled a mysterious smile and answered.."Thats because I was thinking about you..."


A year has passed that day....a year full of turmoil and unpleasant events.....

He calls her up.
Him: "Hi!! Whats up?"
Her: "Hey, nothing, just watching TV..U tell me.."
Him: "How are your studies going on?How was todays paper?"
Her:"Sucked big time...Better try to make up in the next one..What about your work?"
Him:"All great as usual."
Her:"And your amma?"
Him:"She's fine. But I do miss her."
.(a pause..the kind that you would call pregnant..)
Her:"I think I should get back to my work now"
Him:"Yea, I guess you should...bye!"

I guess life goes on....
we haven't seen anything that qualifies the end of the world yet..

Thursday, December 20, 2007


i studied for it till my brains went all fuzzy..
eight excruciating days, i was all busy..

through random numbers and simulations..
to end in a page full of tabulations...

the distributions of probabilities..
to check system reliabilities...

while thinking of the time...
when i leave all this behind...

today dawned scared and queasy..
i think this rhyme's just getting cheesy...

so lets get to the actual point lastly...
my paper today was extremely ghastly!!!

a random rhyme after an appallingly traumatic paper of COMPUTER SIMULATION AND MODELING..
cheers to u'll while i get to my next paper!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I like my blog!!
Well I'm starting by saying that because, unwittingly this has become a rather important part of my life..
I always knew what kind of a writer I was..and how much or how little I could do with my words..
I'd begun this blog for absolutely no!
But now its extremely therapeutic...
To be able to vent..or simply ramble....basically treating it like a Pensieve(For those who are Harry Potter ignorants..check the link)..
But wait..a diary serves this purpose too..doesn't it?? In fact its better...u can write whatever the fuck u one to censure it or judge u!!
Nah..thats what makes this place different and better!
The people.....those who read your blog regularly and comment...leaving behind words of and when required..
Following other blogs by other people just completes the blogging experience...
The variety of topics...difference in thoughts and opinions...radical lifestyles...there is a lot that gets reflected in each blog, irrespective of the kind of blog that it might be..
a lot of people say.."I MY BLOG IS ME"...well i cannot somehow wholly agree with that statement because each one keeps a bit of themselves away from others..the reasons are different for each...
but everyone does it...
i don't judge people by their blogs...
i don't assume or presume that i know ANYTHING about the person just because i've been reading his/her blog...
but it DOES give u a sense of familiarity...

Now i really admire a lot of my "blogger friends"...

Annie- with her undiluted words straight from the bottom of her heart...
i admire this me a wuss but i NEED the cover of poetry or abstraction to

Ashu- who is so clear in each of her posts and pays attention to every detail...
her thought process clearly visible in each and every one of her posts...

c e e d y- heres one i started following only recently...but i think he comes up with great ideas in his posts...
his innovative and creative streak comes across on his blog..

D- opinionated and independent....yet her posts have an extremely homely feel to them...

Dharmabum- now i do enjoy his "bummy" way of writing...he's irregular but makes up for it with extremely long and flavourful posts when he gets back..
his posts are like captain cooks recipie...but u can still taste every ingredient..yes even the socks!! ;-)

DreamCatcher- aahhh...this is Mr.Big God I learn atleast one new word per post from him...
He writes beautifully in both English as well as Hindi..his poems have an ethereal quality to them which is extremely seductive...

Eva- aahhh..this is one good writer...shes refreshingly different and really good...
its a very young though sufficiently tempered view on life...which is beautiful to behold...

Keshi-this is one blogger whose blog is genuinely her online diary...
she write without inhibitions and reservations...the way she manages to carve her everyday life into such interesting posts, it makes me feel that life is never dull..
its the way u look at it..

Raajeev- this guy is absolutely amazing...completely out of the box...
the romanticism in his tales are amazing...and his poems are equally if not more brilliant...
he paints a very vivid picture irrespective of the medium he uses..

Neo- aahhh...the dark side of the moon.....
he uses his blog to vent...but what a beautiful blog that makes it...
his templates are always beautiful..and his oh my...they are dark..dripping with pain...the only colours he makes u thin of are the scarlet of freshly spilled blood and the black of death!
All this makes his blog strangely addictive...

Nothingman- Only lately have i realized the true value of this genius....
"i admire him" is an understatement...i absolutely love him...
i don't know HOW he manages to come up with a story AND a poem every day...and never has he posted an excuse for either...
sheer talent!!

PK and SAJIT- well these are actually my friends(not only on the http)...
and their blogs tho listed are defunct...but i mention them here because i have been greatly impressed and influenced by their words and works...

Shimmer- tho not on my roll...I'm amazed by this runaway poet!!

I really want thank all these people for making this fun and enriching....and all the others who visit this place and brighten my day...I read many more blogs and appreciate the sentiments on them all..the above are just a few who have left an impression on me in some way or another...
this seems to have a tone of finality to it..but I'm definitely not going anywhere and will continue to waste web space for a long time to come...
Keep blogging people...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thi woh eik shaam-e-ghazal..
Mehfil mein na koi hosh tha..
Hum bhi kuch madhosh hi the..
Us shaam..jab hum zindagi se mile..


I've not taken up any tags for a very long time....
but i got tagged by educatedunemployed yesterday...
i think i've done it before...but ppl change the randomeness about them changes as well...

1.)I cant hear alarm clocks!!
no seriously..its not silly...even if u keep the most cacophinic alarm clock right next to my

2.)I share a love-hate relationship with my mobile phone...
When its not working..i'm happier without it..
but when its there we are inseparable...(still wishing it was in the shop)

3.)My tastes have lately undergone a drastic change...
i do no sports
love mush and comedy over sci-fi
unconsciously incorporated a whole lot of PINK in my wardrobe!

4.)I never form and opinion about ANY person in the first meeting or convo...
have NEVER done it!!(unless of course i have absolutely HAD in an interview or

5.)My feet are my feel good factor...i.e.
If my feet are well kept and happy..i feel happy on the whole.. :P

6.)despite nearly being an IT engineer...I'm technologically backward...

7.)I LoVe my Blog!!!!!! :) :D i tag...
c e e d y

cheers ppl!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Today I'm Liberated..I'm Free..
There's no place else I'd rather be..
Gone past the irrevocable change..
New Beginnings..They can be strange..
I've just got my Life back..
I'm doing the same things..
But my heart feels so light..
And everything feels so right..
In order to move on confidently and unabashedly..
I have to make peace with my past..
See the path I've traveled..
Learn not to regret the ME of the past...
And Understand and accept the me of the present..

Friday, December 07, 2007

Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari

Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari
Humse mat poocho kya hasrat hai humari
Ek koshish thi kabhi pana tasvir tumhari
Jo keh na sake apni juban se kabhi hum
Bina kahe pooch leti tasvir tumhari
Hoti jo aahat aangan mere kabhi
Bhar jaati tumhare ehsas se chahat humari
Rehti hoon jab main saaye mein khamoshi ke kabhi
Yaad karti hoon hamesha muskan tumhari
Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Na tujhe, Na teri wafaaein maangi,
Na apne liye koi duaaein maangi;
Na khwab,Na teri yaadein maangi,
Na dosti ki saugaatein maangi;
Pucho fir hume khuda se gila kya hai,
Khuda se maangi woh dua kya hai;
Tum khush raho, rab se yeh fariyaad ki thi,
Lekin meri khusi barbaad karne ki ijaazat na di thi..
I apologize if it was appalling...but it was a sincere attempt at shayari..

Sunday, December 02, 2007


i was just cleaning out my book shelf when i came across my very FIRST book in which I wrote poems...
here's my favorite one out of those...
this is about 8 years ago...and so its sort of kiddish...
but love it because its my first published my school magazine... :) :D
i was damn proud of myself... it is...


There is beauty in the sunset,

There is beauty in the dawn,

One makes you think of what has been,

The other leads you on,

So while you enjoy these precious hours,

Let no regrets cloud your mind,

There's still the future bright with hope,

And many a rainbow to find.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

bE baCK s00N...

alive yet dead...
with life unforgiven....

its long since i'd said it...
but now i finally awaken...

to reality..
to my life...
which is still waiting for me....

I loVe mY LyF!!!!!! :) :) :)


my exams have finally arrived to stay for a month...
will definitely post...but probably at the rate of one a week or something...
have actually just gotten back to this place after soo long...
dont feel like neglecting it...but PRIORITIES!!

P.S: Please read the post below...entitled LIFE..??
I really want to know your perspectives on this one...

Friday, November 30, 2007


Well...Wiki and Google are my uncontested God's and i will stand by that till my dying day..
But i have found some questions to which even these great search engines have no answers!!!
I think this in itself is one BIG question...
The way people lead their lives can broadly fall into three categories;
  1. those who believe solely in action...their thoughts are always rational...and practical...they live without wanting to realize the meaning of life (if there is infact any such thing!!)
  2. those people who try to figure the meaning of the life they lead...have an objective...and try to achieve a balance between philosophy and practicality(i would like to think that these make up the majority in the world)
  3. and lastly those who only philosophize...their brand of philosophy abstains from productive activity...and if they achieve any its purely accidental(there actually are people like this!)
What is this great question I'm talking about?? Some problem in life?? Some major decisions to make?? Well yes and no...
Its a basic question....LIFE???

If I attach and WHY's ...HOW's and WHAT's to it...then the nature of the question will be mis-interpreted....

There are Spiritual Gurus who tell us how to lead our lives...
Religion has been doing this, for as far as human history dates back..and has succeeded to a certain extent...the thought process and behavior of a person is greatly influenced by their religious background...
There are also Books about how one go about every possible activity involved in human life from ingestion to incarceration...for heaven's sake they even tell us how to have sex!!
Friends...Family...The people who form our society are important factors in the answer to this question as well...but at least we voluntarily allow that intrusion...

But now its my turn.....
OBJECTIVE...This, according to me is the essence of life...
If u've got to live a truly fruitful life you need an objective...
Now this term needs defining...I mean it should be a broad center of ur life...
For example..Someones objective could be to attain God....
To make the world a better place....
To simply be happy....

Now what is important is to define "What makes you happy?"
Success.....People.....Social Service.....anything....

This seems easy...but is the most difficult step of all...
Once u've got this sorted...the rest is what YOUR life will be...the way YOU want it to be...
Every step or decision you take...every long or short term plan or goal that yo make...will be to fulfill YOUR objective...

Now this doesn't mean that, everyone REQUIRES to have a dream or achieve something great in life.
Even the person who decides that to be happy is his ultimate objective of life and that his happiness lies in -doing a decently paying 9-5 job, go home to his family and take the kids for a picnic on Sundays, as long as he lives this completely,

But I'm still asking.... LIFE???

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My life is abhorred,
But for me was felicitous and gay,
as I chose the spiritual way,
They raved and ranted,
About God being squandered,
We listened enraptured,
Our minds staid and stronger,
We soon picked up rapiers,
And severed our minds,
Took an oath of subsistence,
Till placed in our shrine,
A promise of a tryst,
With the almighty lord,
Lured most of our kind,
To the paths we trod,
It wasn't a spoof,
I realize now,
I'm trooping those heights
My wish will materialize now.

(the thought i have expressed in the poem are what i understand form the concept of JIHAD from a time when terrorism was not a professional option!)

The reason I have written this poem from the perspective of a terrorist, is because I was genuinely wondering what makes them do what they do and stick by it remorselessly.

I tried to do a little reading to figure it out, but obviously a terrorist has yet come out with his/her biography saying "This is why i became a terrorist----".

The reasons could be a plenty and varied. Broadly it could be because of socio-cultural conditions experienced while growing up, company kept by impressionable minds and more often than not some personal experience of loss because of the same activities they perpetuate in order to take revenge.

Meaning no offense to any religion but a majority of the terrorists in the world today, are Islamic. Unfortunately, because of these miscreants and their distorted interpretation of their (actually beautiful) religion, a stigma had been attached to Islam in countries which are not primarily inhabited by Muslims. The prejudice has only increased the divide.

"Mujahideen", is the word they use, which means struggler(it has its root in the word 'jihad').
The mujahideens in history were considered heroes, thats another things the TERRORISTS have negated, the positive implication of JIHAD in history.

But despite their abominable actions, what actually disgusts me something else.

Today, Terrorism has become a high profile PROFESSION, under the false guise of religion.!!

Living in India, we have now faced a lot of terrorism in all parts of the country in the past 15 years. Right from the 1993 blasts to the Hyderabad blasts of last week, perpetrated by organizations from within and without. Each time a different Lashkar or Mujahideen organization takes the responsibility for the incident.

But among all other emotions, I always wonder,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When making my breakfast
in the morning today,
I wondered, what it my egg
represents my day?
An omelette, with chopped chillies,
onions and tomatoes,
Is a day when life, keeps you
on youe toes,
A fried egg or two, either sunny
side up or down,
Indicates a happy one or one,
marked with a frown,
An egg minus the yolk, for
the diet conscious folk,
A day of healthy living, lest
we die of a stroke,
An egg that goes wrong, can
be scrambled,
A day when life, is all
in shambles,
But fluffy buttered scrambles,
make a very tasty dish,
And ultimately breakfast in bed,
is now my wish!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Life deals everyone with at least their share of shit,
But each one reacts differently to it,
Some understand that it is crap and flush it,
Others stir it, just to test what happens.


I believe that there is a HERO in all of us.
This is because, according to me,
"To do the right thing, even when no one is watching, simply because it is the right thing to do is heroic."

This sounds simple enough, but ask yourselves,
how many would work as well if it were not for appraisals..
how many would study as well if it weren't for competitive and relative grading...

Begin by redefining a SUCCESSFUL LIFE..
Success lies in the quality you can see and feel in your own life, not, what others see in your life.

It is difficult to stick to the good path, to make this difference in your own life, simply because its right. We need to keep a constant check on ourselves, our life and other path to the future.

So the average man who does the right thing and is happy in his life qualifies as -my HERO.
The man
Who does his job well irrespective of whether or not his boos is looking,
Who plays with his kids, whether or not anyone is watching and
Who showers his love and lust only on his wife..

I think even such a person is a hero in life..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

just something beautiful i came across...

I'm not begging you to love me.
I'm not really even asking you to.
But isn't it alright if i cherish that hope in my heart ?
If i just dream of holding your hand it will hurt me and not you.
I'll try to keep my eyes from shining when they see you and
i promise not to smile a special smile when you say hello.
But please...
Don't ask me
Not to love you.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Light is as surely a hoax
as is the adage
"Everything happens for the best";
Negating the ephemeral nature
of things to come;
Misery persists as sure as darkness;
We remain forever,
remain in the uncertain flicker of dusk;
But sometimes,
Joy like music, transcends
all barriers and emerges
in the form or irridescent bubbles;
Ensconed in these bubbles
we see a pleasantly distorted world;
And finally
All our hypotheses are disproved
and our analysis rndered useless....

Saturday, September 08, 2007


A cauldron with drops of honey,
Without any knowledge,
Awareness adds various ingredients,
Different for each one,
Sometimes good, Sometimes bad,
But eventually a recipe is what you have,
The stirring with a turbulence begun,
The ingredients react,
All the cooks can do is wait and watch,
Apprehensive how the dish will turn out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whenever a noble deed is wrought,
Whenever spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise,
To higher levels rise,
The tidal wave of deeper souls,
Into our inmost being rolls,
And lifts us unawares,
Out of all meaner cares!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


There is only one festival in Kerala which is celebrated with great ceremony and gaiety....ONAM...

Onam is the one of the most beautiful and meaningful festival in the World. It is traditionally a harvest festival but there is a legend attached to it.

Legend has it that there was once a king called Mahabali. He was extremely powerful, a conquerer yet a kind and good king and a man of principles. He was performing the sacrificial rite of Viswajith at the banks of Narmada River, and declared that he would give anything that anyone sought from him during this Yagna. At this the gods were very annoyed. Bali was the ruler of all the three worlds having defeated the devas.
The gods approached Vishnu and asked for his help to dethrone Mahabali. Vishnu, incarnated in the form of Vamana, a dwarf to defeat the Daityas. As he was approaching them, the sages assembled there perceived the extraordinary effulgence form of the young lad. On being received as befitted a brahmin, Vamana smiled and said: "You need not give me anything great. It is enough if you give me that extend of land covered by three footsteps of mine".
Bali's preceptor, Shukracharya a Daitya priest, who could have vision of the future told Bali that the one, who had come to seek a gift from Bali was not an ordinary Brahmin but Lord Narayana Himself who had assumed this form. He advised Bali not to promise the lad anything. But Bali was a king who would never go back on his word and told his Guru that he would never break his promise. Bali told his Guru: "Prana (life) and Maana (honour) are the two eyes of a person. Even if life goes, honour should be protected. Granting that the person that has come now is the Lord Himself, I should be the most fortunate one as the Lord, who gives everything to mankind, is seeking something from me."
Vamana grew in size until he towered above the heavens. With one foot, he measured all of the earth. With the other, he claimed all of heaven. There was still one foot of territory that Bali owed him. Bali offered his head to be measured as the third step of land which Lord Vamana had asked for as alms, thus sending him to pathala.
As a last wish Mahabali was granted the permission to visit his subjects once a year. Thus, Keralites celebrate Onam festival to commemorate the memory of a Great King Mahabali who would keep his promise. Mahabali fulfilled his name as the great martyr for the sake of Truth. The name "Mahabali" itself means Great Sacrifice. Thus Onam celebrates a series of martyrdom of the devoted Daityas.

Prayer, festivities, sadhya and Vallamkali are typically symbolic of Onam.
Sadhya is the feast that comprises of a variety of dishes

and Vallamkali are the famous snake boat races which have now become a regular event.

For me the best part of onam is the mother makes scrumptious food which i consume in copious amounts...(yummy!!)
and of course the new clothes...but thats the story living away from Kerala..
The festivities in kerala are spectacle to behold!

My Onam Wishes
Maveli, in God's own country,
Descends annually to ensure bounty;

Amma, elegant in a mundu so white,
Bordered with a golden light;

Achchan also helps in the kitchen today,
Eleven yummy things-sadhya at midday;

Fresh flowers and clothes new and bright,
A pretty pookolam-a welcome delight;

Celebrating Bali's true and generous way,
Wishing you a Happy Onam today.

PS: Do check out the links for further and better information on Onam..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Story of my Love Life....

i never thought i would find a song that aptly describes any part of my life....
but i recently found a song that describes my love life perfectly...

ONly his name isn't DREW....and i don't play the
but in essence its the current state of my love life...
not really my kinda song...but the lyrics just HIT home!!

its called "teardrops on my guitar" by an artiste called Taylor Swift...
here are the lyrics..
Teardrops On My Guitar Lyrics

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without

Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's so damn funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night


He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

[Repeat Chorus]

So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into..

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

do check out the video on youtube....


i know i've been away a really long ....
i actually want to add a special sorry to annie along with a thanks...
i've been busy with a job interview for the past week....but sadly i've not ended up getting i'm really sad about that... back...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On 15th August 1947, Nehru gave his speech about "A tryst with destiny...." with hope, pride and vigour in his heart..
Today, exactly 60 years of that day...let us ask ourselves whether we have achieved that which our forefathers dreamed..
I think..the answer is we have and also not...
Because..India has truly made scientific, economic and cultural progress..
But with all these positives have come too many avoidable and unavoidable negatives..
When I say unavoidable I mean-- pollution, economic divide etc...
and by avoidable I mean--corruption, communal disharmony, media circus etc...
For most of us this has simply become a day...when we get a holiday from work and school...Sing Jana Gana Mana after the flag hoisting and see the parade on DD1.(*tho i wonder how many peole do the latter as well nowadays*)
To write a good appraisal on the current state of India, I will need to research my facts and figures...but then that may be a technically correct analysis...but what I feel from the heart is...

India is a resilient country, and has been and continues to progress exponentially, despit all the hurdles and encumbrances...Everything has its positives and negatives, so before criticizing next time we should keep in cite a few examples...
Political system--yes it is corrupt, slow but has sustained over 6 decades and works remarkably well for a country with the size and diversity of India...
Economic system---yes it is increasing the economic divide...but only because of these same policies have we carved a much required niche in the world economy..
and so on....

Each one shud try to think of a way they could do some good to the country..I dont mean a grand plan(*If u can come up with one then ...brilliant!!*)
But I just individually being a good citizen....
Vote..Pay ur taxes on time, be a good Samaritan, involve in social service in ur area etc...
that can be our contribution to=== India-A Superpower...60 years hence....
To end just something I wrote...


In search of solace,
Hurt and Lost,
I cried, till I found her lap;

In her arms I lay,
Broken and Bruised,
I cried, till the break of dawn;

In the shroud of her care,
Soft and Caressing,
I cried, till the pain was gone;

In my mind I saw clearly,
Numb-robbed of Sensation,
I cried, till the tears dried up;

In clarity, helped by care,
Lonely, but not Alone,
I cried, silently, till she could hear no more;

In that plight, so straight I stood,
For Her and the World to see,
I smiled, but my heart still cried within me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


My circle of friends is very large...I really believe in making friends for life..
They are my priority most of the time..its only in rare moments I selfishly think solely for myself..
Sometimes a lot of the things that i want to or have to do at a personal level remain undone because of this...
Now every human being...goes through phases when they need to be purely with themselves, thus limiting or in some cases entirely cutting of contact with other people..I've been there myself and completely understand the sentiment..
But when 4-5 people in the circle of friends,that is close to u, do that...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!
then it gets too alarming for coincidence..
Now these are all friends who have nothing to do with each other, so its not something decided amongst them...I haven't really had fights with any of them baffled and stumped i was..that when realization of this situation dawned..
My First reaction: Have I changed?? Or done something wrong?? And what am I supposed to read into this??
but slowly on reasoning, analysis, confrontation and reassurances...
(*What a relief!!*)
I respect what each one of them is doing or has to do..each for their own reasons...
but it had left a pocket of vacuum in my life...
So this is one time that I'm gonna be selfish and wish that they all just come back soon!!
Am really missing them all!!


i have,
myriad questions,
unanswered they remain;
i have,
all emotions bared,
like a mollusk u remain;
i have,
tried all i could,
unyielding u remain;
i have,
made silence my ally,
but ever loyal to u it remains;
i have,
a companion tried to be,
stubbornly alone u remain;
i have,
a hand toward extended,
like always u treat it with disdain!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In this journey of life,
Walking on the road of time;

Somewhere down the lane we met,
Towards a destination ours paths were set;

Helping one another on the way,
Blossomed a friendship, meant to stay;

But the road suddenly came to a fork,
Directions in which life sent us broke;

The distance brought in a gap,
In the friendship, as well as the road map;

So now we go our separate ways,
The journey spanning more than just days;

But, I'm still hoping our paths will mend,
Somewhere before our journey's end.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Your take on love....

Recently, a friend of mine put up a question for me in one of his blog posts...
It simply said...

ur take on love..........

and I replied thus....

vitruvian said...

my take on love...i'm sure v've spoken on the subject like a zillion times...
heres an ad hoc rhyme..

in my human eyes..
through lifetimes..
the state of love varies...

to my innocent mind..
in a bygone time..
love was like a quintessential lea...

to my hardened heart...
in a then stark life..
love was like a turbulent sea...

to my inexperienced mind..
in the current moment..
love is like an entity..

its boundaries blurred yet clear...
the sole reprieve yet my greatest fear...
pain which seems like exquisite joy...
a confused lie which i deny!

i hope that answers ur question...

Now for my readers...answer me this...

ur take on love..........

Monday, July 30, 2007


I have never meant this blog to be a journal....but unwittingly my moods, my fears, my emotions etc have dribbled their way into it....

Incidents and events are of no importance in the bigger picture...they are to be treated as trivialities...if given undue importance, they morph in to disaster!
Well sometimes...when u want to numb the emotions u tend to focus on the event...and analyze its technicalities...the "hows" and "whats" instead of the "whys"...

This is easy to do....emotions and events are manageable when they take place at different intervals of time and are independent of each other....
But when lightning strikes from 4 directions at once, then it is impossible to not think "WHY"??? Rants of Why me?? Why now???
But like they say....If not YOU then WHO?? If not NOW then WHEN???

But if u look around closely....Emerge from your convoluted sense of the world and pay some attention...Keep your eyes and ears open....
You will definitely are not the only one....
Its literally "Kahaani Har life ki".....
and with time and experience I've also come to believe in the adage...
"That which doesn't kill you..only makes you stronger!"

So...I figure...Live...
Go Make Mistakes...and some more!! that you can rise again.....all the wiser for the fall.....

But for those who understand the happier side of the world...
My perception of the world just gets weirder..

I live in happiness and despair all at the same time....Tremendously happy...making everyone who stays around laugh....and feel the twinkle of their happiness...let it invade ur being....
UNTIL...the other monster takes over....the sulky, sullen, irritable...near-clinical-depression self...which emerges to simply confuse the shit out of you!!

So effectively...I become...Happy...Depressed...Confused!!
Now Do I clinically qualify for psychosis???

Now answer me this....So...What is my mood today????

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back to the basics...

She sat alone on the beach staring at the immense expanse of the ocean...
nothing was particularly wrong in life...but nothing was particularly right either...
As random thoughts flitted through her brain...she felt a desperate urge to write something...
So she blindly penned down her thoughts...Her hands moved involuntarily...when they finally stopped, she tried to read the words...
But they were a took her several attempts before she could focus and see them clearly....they read...

It takes you away from the mundane,
Yet everything remains the same,
In its vastness, everything pales to insignificance,
Breathtakingly beautiful,
Yet inexplicably scary.

She looked at her life....full and empty at the same time....
She had intended to remember that there is always more to life than the present happenings..
and that she would continuously find new reasons to live no matter what...

But then a huge rock came crashing down camouflaged in a tidal shattered a lot of things beyond recognition...all that was left when the tide abated was DEBRIS...
then she asked...
Now how am i supposed to find SENSE and a REASON in debris????
There is a need for very many things...
the need to reemerge...the need to redeem...
the need to rationalize...the need to surmount!!
slowly though it will be...the process must begin...
Must go back to where I can recognize myself....

Monday, July 23, 2007

And they lived happily ever after....

"PotterMania" seems the flavour of the season doesn't it?? Every possible place...conversations...print media..electronic media...with not an inch to spare!!
Well I have been an avid fan of the Harry Potter series form the very first book and though the frenzy had worn down considerably the fascination has certainly not.
The magical world which Rowling introduced to us 10 years ago is still seems as fantastic and intriguing to me. The characters, now so familiar who seem to have grown gradually with us over the time are endearingly familiar. And each one of us who reads these books relates at some level and to some extent with the emotions she has infused in them.
J.K.Rowling, by style is descriptive and know how to build the suspense in the plot. All her previous books have made for a good read(admittedly in varying degrees), but this book surpasses them all. I say this because all the answers she had kept tantalizingly secret have finally been revealed all the loose ends tied, and she had left so many such questions unanswered that every second page was like a revelation! It kept me gripped and flipping pages for an uninterrupted 9 and a half hours till I had devoured each one of the 607 pages!!
But for a change I shall not talk about the plot of the book or of the excellent characterization..but of what endeared it to me...
simply was..
The fantastic reality of it all!!
Now i know..fictional world...but when i say reality I mean of the things she actually speaks about..the essence...
Of friendship...Of love..Of courage...Of sacrifice...Of self-righteousness...Of all the usual idealistic jargon and blah...
But with such a human touch...
Because its also..
Of weakness...Of treachery...Of jealousy...Of despair..Of making difficult choices...Of all the things real life is made of and we like not to talk of it...
In absurd ways each one can find instances they can relate with and personal demons can be faced and resolved..

Yes..obviously the last duel is dramatic and exciting and Voldemort according to me dies in an anti-climax...but Rowling stuck to the formula of " All's well that ends well"...for how could she kill Harry...after all she put him through...
The end of the book...for those who are yet unaware...the "Ninteen Years Later" lends it all a very "Ekta Kapoorish" touch..
But finally the end of a saga...
And they lived happily ever after....

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I believe...
Exams are devised not to evaluate but to eliminate !!

One of the worst things about engineering is that we have 2 major exams in a year...S effectively we are all the time either..
preparing for exams..
giving exams..
or waiting for the results...
and awaiting results is a trying time for everyone...without exception.... in my college...the results are put up in lists on this one particular it has obviously been dubbed the "Result Wall"....
and every time any old results and notices are cleared...
the uncertainty..the sos' and the prayers start pouring out!!
>Is it our result being put up??
>I hope i've cleared xyz paper/s!!!
>God please help!!
there is this knot that ties itself up in everyone's stomach....and the usual symptoms of fear..
some start shuddering with tremors as though they are reaching hyperpyrexia....
some behave as tho rigor mortis has miraculously set in while they are still alive...
some remain cool most of it..but 5 mis prior jump like cats on a hot tin roof..

So while waiting for my results...(which haven't yet was a false alarm..)
I scribbled a few lines to relieve the tension...which a few found quite funny so here goes....

Tension palpable in the air,
Someones fallen off their chair;

Someones biting off their nails,
Somewhere emenate scared wails;

Watch the scene, look one and all,
Results are being put up on the 'WALL';

Shitting bricks, goosebumps prick,
Oops! Someones off being sick;

Lets check quick,PASS or FAIL,
Before we suffer a heart fail.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's No Hope

I came across this recently...and it touched a chord somewhere...

There's No Hope

you don't even know the pain i feel

when i start to question what is real
i know you're the cause
my lust for you gnaws
its way, through my brain
and i'm here, alone standing
by myself, with tears of understanding
rolling down my cheeks

this time i'm really confused
about what i should do
i have this fear of never being satisfied
i can't find stable happiness,
i've tried and tried ,
this isn't easy,

i'm the butt of my own joke,
i want some affection, this is all i hope

but now i know my bended
heart won't be mended
by your love....
no longer will i cry
or ask for help from up above
and i'll live my life until i die
wondering if i'll ever be satisfied
it's not easy being the butt of your own joke
i want some affection, this is all i hope

-Derek del Barrio

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Inherently woven into the fabric of my life;

In the dawn of my day,
In the loniliness of my night,
In all the things that I feel,
At every altar that I kneel;

In the colours of my brush,
In the moments of my solitude,
In all the words that I say,
At every emotion that I display;

In the happiness of my life,
In the hardships of my way,
In all the decisions that I take,
At every choice that I make;

In my breath,
In my blood,
In my heart,
In my soul;

Inherently woven into the fabric of my life.

The Order Of The Pheonix

I finally saw the much awaited 5th movie of the Harry Potter series....
Firstly on a principle I never compare, when the movie is an adaptation on the book.. because inevitably the book is better!
The only movie adaptation of a book that has failed to disappoint me has been Lord Of The Rings.....ARAGORNNN!!!(sigh.......!)
Instead I try to enjoy the movie for itself...because, to recreate such a fantastic world with such elaborate scenes, is far from easy!!
This movie was much darker than its predecessors....Some scenes for example 'Sirius' Death', 'Fight in the Ministry','Weasly twins escape'...they were absolutely brilliant..had me completely riveted!!
The character of Dolores Umbridge, was extremely well executed by Imelda Staunton, right from the overly pink fluffy outfits to the simpering laugh!! Within five minutes of her entry every member in the audience wanted to harm her!
Emma Watson just looks more like an english rose with every passing movie...
And the chemistry betwwen her and Rupert Grinch is palapable just to the correct limits...
Was disappointed by a few scenes like 'Dementos in Little Winghing' and 'Voldemort entering Harry in the Ministry'...but nevertheless it was worth it!!
So...Go out and enjoy the movie..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My lethargy, abbeted by my PC crashing...I have been away for quite a while now...
And I really haven't had anything specific to do these vacations..
Most of my batch mates have spent their vacation in the college, trying for the campus placements...which I, unfortunately am not eligible by the margin of "0.73%"...which really bites at times....but I'm being optimistic as always and not allowing that "little" hurdle to upset my vacation...
So I can truthfully say--I've enjoyed as much as was possible!
I didn't really do any blog worthy things...
Just the usual...
=caught up with friends....(Lunches..dinners..same old, same old)

=saw a few movies...(Shrek3,Plup Fiction,Chini Kum,Bheja Fry)

=read loads of books...(I really liked "Social Intellegence" by Daniel Goleman... Train to Pakistan, Inheritance of Loss, The Smile of Murugan name a few...)

=had a great time with my extended cousins, aunts, uncles...its rare in todays pace of life to have the kind of time to bond, as we did in the last few days..

=went an chopped my hair today...made it from knee length to waist length!!

=Ya..the best thing...I attended a music program of Ustaad Ghulam Ali Khan..
He has come down to India after a long hiatus..the concert was was one of the best things thats happened all vacation...

I generally enjoy plenty of time on my think about "nothing in particular" and mull over things...but this is the first time in my life when "I've hated my thought processes...disagreed vehemently with myself....and all that thinking just left me distraught...

Am just waiting for my results to come and college to begin so I'll have work to occupy my mind with...

Am awating Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, to hit the screens and the Deathly Hallows , to hit the stores..

Waiting...ultimately just waiting for everything!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Tagging is one of the few concepts of blogsphere which i didnt quite understand....not that there's actually much to it...
What i don't understand is the pleasure of tagging people...Maybe now that I'm tagged myself, I'll finally figure the pleasure people get with this seemingly unremarkable activity...
So thanks Akanksha for tagging me...
Now as per the rules I have to write 8 random facts about myself...

1.)I'm a total CHATTERBOX...thats the first thing anyone says if asked to describe me..I can strike up conversations with absolute strangers as well...and u can find me on the phone a LOT of the time..

2.)I seem to have a million friends and am hardly ever alone...but actually what I love most is SOLITUDE..

3.)Am damn psychotic a lot of the time...Given to absolute randomness...I wonder how people put up with me ;)

4.)I absolutely love to write...I know that's like a d'uh, considering that I blog...but really...i can loose myself anywhere when I'm writing and I get my inspiration in the weirdest places...for instance...the bathroom...bombay's famous BEST buses are one of the all time favorite places...

5.)I absolutely love to paint....its one time when i resent any kind of human interference....My mom's learnt over the years that, I'm a live DO NOT DISTURB sign at such times...

6.)I used to be a total cynic about romance, love and the likes..But eventually and unfortunately, the bug caught up with me...I surprised myself with the seemingly unbounded limits of my new found

7.)I'm totally addicted to blogging...I spend nearly 2 hrs online everyday..just blogging!!!I am already trying to restrain myself on blogsphere though i have been here for hardly 2 months...

8.)I have really really long hair...It nearly goes down till my knees now...And though i behave quite churlish when my friends and relatives..and even strangers for that matter admire it and fuss over it...I secretly revel in all the attention...I suppose thats quite bad..but whatever a girl's gotta act pricey sometime rite!! thats quite enough about myself....and NOW i get to TAG others!!
So heres the list of people I'm tagging:
Jeya Anand
These in turn have to tag 8 ppl...ok this was not bad...adios ppl..
P.S:But honestly still cant see what the BIG deal about tagging is?? But was good to be tagged once i guess..

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Now I have to give some background here..I come from a family which knows how to appreciate music. My dad was very much a part of "Beatlemania" in his day and remembers the lyrics to most of their songs even today. My mother predictably likes Mohammad Rafi and Jagjit Singh and old Hindi film music. And both of them like Hindustani and Carnatic classical music and are regulars at various concerts in Mumbai. And given all of this, I'm the kind of person to who can have Bob Dylan, Metallica, Pt.Bhimsen Joshi and Bunty and Babli on the same play list(sorry but I cant stand the likes of Britney Spears!!) and enjoy them all.

But to be honest I have heard all these at home...and have witnessed only rock concerts, live!(I think I once saw a Jagjit Singh program as well)..

OKAY..NOTE....I said I enjoy all this music...but my knowledge concerning them is close to zilch..So if any facts in the following post are erroneous then I apologize profusely and welcome any corrections..

My parents happened to be going for a concert by Padma Vibhushan Gaanasaraswati Smt.Kishori Amonkar, on 24th June,Sunday at 9.00 am, at Nehru Center(Worli).The show was principally a Charity Concert, organized by the 'Bade Gulam Ali Yadgaar Sabha'.

I have heard a few of her songs before..She is basically a Hindustani classical performer who sings khyal in the Jaipur gharana style. She is currently 76 years of age and is most famous for her brilliant rendition of "baabul moraa".

We awoke in the morning to lashing rain, with grim forecasts on the news for the day ahead. After debating for a while, we decided to go ahead and reach the concert. The roads were not a good sight! It had only been pouring a few hours, but the roads were flooded with water that submerged the car tyres. Slowly, cautiously, weaving our way through fallen trees and flooded roads, with rain only giving us intermittent respite.

When we reached Nehru Center her popularity was reiterated, because the place was teeming with expectant music lovers. We had to reach the conclusion that 'Whether rain or shine Kishori Tai's(an affectionate term for older sister) program cannot be compromised'. Her music seemed to transcend all barriers of age, race, sex and time. Audiences old and young, from different classes of society-right from the 'air kissing' high society ladies to the simple middle class music enthusiasts, waited patiently as the show was delayed by almost an hour.

The rising curtain had a dramatic stillness about it.The compare introduced her and opened the show saying
"Aaj meri prarthna kuch aisi thi,
Aae baarish thodi der ke liye tham ja,
Ki Kishoriji yahan aa sake;
Aek baar woh yahan, aae aise barasna,
Ki woh hame chod ke jaa na saake!"

Kishori tai tuned up her 'swaramandali' and the 'tanpuras'.She seemed to have some trouble with her throat in the first 15 mins, but once her voice opened up, it was like a downpour of melody. Her voice filled up the auditorium like the sound of bells in a temple.The first half was dedicated to a composition called 'Mahadeo' in what i think was the Raag Bhairavi. She gradually built up the registers with amazing variations and aalap sung relentlessly for an hour and then completed the composition in the next half an hour. Ashwini Bedekar, one of the accompanists at the tanpura, supported her in this composition. I apologize as I didn't catch the name of her accompanying artists at the tabla and the harmonium.

Following a ten minute break.The organizers called upon Nana Patekar, who was a part of the audience to felicitate all the artistes with bouquets. He praised her saying "Sur hamare kaan mein atak gaye lekin tere gale mein bas gaye isiliye tu yahan aur hum wahan baithe hai!" She then spoke a few words in Marathi, through which she gave a heartfelt message, the gist of which she summarized herself in english, her last statement being "Children come back to the sublimity of classical music!".

The second composition was a beautiful rendering of "Devebhyo", followed by "Pavan Batariya" which I'm quite sure was in Raag Alaiya Bilaval. Here her other disciple at the tanpura was supporting her, a young girl with a lovely voice. On further inquiry she turned out to be Tejashree Amonkar, Kisohiriji's Grand daughter, genetically blessed with a beautiful voice and polished under the tutelage of her illustrious grandmother. She obviously doesn't hold candle to Kishori Tai yet, but I personally feel that classical music lovers should look out for her in the coming years.

Finally she sang "Ghat Ghat Mein Panchee Bolta" a doha by Sant Kabeer. This was the part of the performance that i most enjoyed. A noteworthy feature of her rendition was that she gave full play to both antaraa's, ending with a very evocative recital of all the lines strung together. A great finale to a memorable morning!

I hummed all the way back home in considerably reduced rainfall and rather clear roads. I cant remember when i last enjoyed a morning more!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I seem to be unable to write anything except stuff to do with rains...
Every time i pick up my pen..thats the only subject i can spew words on...
Its like all other subjects have refused to flow through it....
Every one of my words sounds like an expectation to me...hoping that the rains will absolve me of all my sins and dissolve all my misery...leaving me clean, pure and simply happy.. here goes...just a few lines to that end...

When the skies cry for us,
We feel a sense of relief,
Which transmutes any sadness
We may be feeling into a
Pure Unbounded Joy,
Which only simple things can give us,
The water cleanses,
The fragrance of wetness transports,
The sense of lush greenery satiates,
My soul finally feels liberated,
As if nature is consoling me,
And caressing me into an entirely
different realm,
Of Joy...Pure Unbounded Joy.


Yesterday was one of those uncharacteristically rainy evenings, when u want to sit by your window and simply stare at the rain pouring down...
But it was not one of those days when the rain made me ecstatically just made me inexplicably confused..A mixture of emotions whirring through my mind..
But i sat still, turning 'nothing in particular' over in my head...
when i remembered this snippet i had once written so i thought i'll put it up...

When it rains,
It feels as the skies are
Crying and rejoicing for
Us all
All those fools who love
My heart feels like
Its in a whirlpool of emotion
Soaring up to the heavens
And flung down to hell
Both at the same time
Thats what i've realized
Love feels like
That i can be happy
Even while my heart is breaking....

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Getting away from Bombay was what was uppermost in my mind when i planned my trip. Pune proved itself to be the most convenient destination as I had plenty of friends to meet and its just a 3 and a half hour bus journey...I was all excited..this being the first time i was traveling without parental accompaniment..

The trip started on a good note, considering my friend managed discounted fares on a morning bus to Pune...We traveled in comfort in a Raj Travels ,Volvo...Rather uneventful journey..(barring the fact that my normally sane friend complained "But the movie isint over!!!" for a movie as dumb as 'Hulchul', when we were about to disembark!)

My 2 days was basically characterized by good food and great company..2 wheeler seems to be the ONLY way to travel in pune..So with both my friend and her(considering i cant ride a bike!) 2 wheeler at my disposal began my tour.We started with the area she lives in..Boat Club area( as it houses the Royal Connaught Boat Club).. one of the poshest residential areas in pune.

First day was devoted to discovering eating joints...
We spent some time at a mall at East Square..Since we were being treated we had to consider pricing, distance et al..I figured the eating scene in Pune is waaay better than Bombay..
Its more economical, with as good if not slightly better variety and with acceptable quantity and quality. We decided on Malacca Spice in Koregaon Park area(thats near the Osho Ashram). One of the originally quaint places...South East Asian cuisine..Candle Light dining area...Paintings on sale...A portrait artist...the works...Good service and even better food..
We ended up with 5 dishes between the 6 of us, 3 being non-vegetarian and a bottle of Red Wine all for Rs.950..(not complaining at all!!)
And the bakeries just yum!! A quest for a birthday cake revealed this fact..Baker's Basket..Khayani's...Just Baked...the list never ends..

Next morning I spent in catching up with most of the people I know in Pune..And after lunch we headed for shopping(girls are allowed to indulge once in a way)..That covered Koregaon Park(for oshos of course), F.C road, Junglee Maharaj Road etc. My friend studies in COEP so i obviously got a guided tour of that as well( with special repeated mentions to the chimney of the only functional boiler!) and their Boat Club(where Raegatta is held every year)...I thought that BC was anice place to relax..and it amazing when its within ur college campus..

To kill some time before heading for Prabhat colony..we had a dekko at Shambhaji Garden, one of the famous albeit less visited places in pune...I like the view of the Mulla Muttha river you get from all the sites along its banks(including BC and Shambhaji Park).

We then headed for Hanuman Tekdi...which was the most brilliant thing I saw in Pune..Tekdi in marathi means hillock..this one ran along a hitherto stone quarry and offered a beautiful bird's eye view of Pune. A place for people to walk..for lovers to romance...children to play...friends to hang out and loners to revel...We had to leave just before dark because apparantly the place is infested with muggers after dark.

I had dinner with one of my aunt's friends and 2 of my own at the Pizza Hut at Deccan. She then took me back to her house at Swaar Gate via Chavni(or Camp area) and M.G.Road..
I had to unforunately leave for Bombay the next morning but with a happy heart because of a good to days and also that my mind was longing to be back in the pace of Bombay..
So my summarization of Pune is..
A nice city...Lots of greeney and natural beauty( with all the gadhs and tekdis)..
No consideration for traffic rules whatsoever...
A moderate pace of life..
The "City of Tekdi's" and "A Mini Metro"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rains..with long last

My month long exams are finally done...
In the throes of my most important papers and the weather becoming increasingly oppressive, I'd been praying for respite. I've been waiting for the rains so long and so hard, I'm sure I beat the Indian farmer at it this time round!
Finally...It rained about 10 days back...
And baarish ka pehla side effect????
>>My mind obviously flew completely off my studies!!
I simply wanted to rush out and get drenched..but couldn't take the risk of falling ill in the middle of exams...I was trapped but my mind and soul was flying trying to capture the essence of the beautiful rapturous rain!!
Phrases were running amok in my head...but they were all in hindi...when i tried to translate they were simply sounding absurd and too ostentatious...the words were loosing their essence and meaning...
so decided to write in hindi itself...I beg pardon of all those people who may get offended by the malaprop of any term...
So here goes:
Station ke bahar pakode ki khushboo aaye,
Chapre ke neeche garam masaaledaar chai!

Phurrr se baarish hui shuru,
Dhunde toh dekha, chatri nahi laaye!

Jhijak ke do minute soche,
Phir bedhadaas paani mein nahaaye!

Woh geeli mitti ki khushboo, Woh garam bhutte ka swaad,
Without fail dilade barsaat ki yaad!

Kapde ho gaye kharab, Naale se badboo aaye,
Phir bhi yeh baarish maan ko bhaa jaaye!

Khao chowpatty pe bhaaji pau, Naarial paani ko mat bhulao,
Samandar kinaare baarish ka alag hi anubhav!

Ghar pe coffee aur kitaab, Bahar garajti kadakti barsaat,
Aise bhi, kuch apne dil ko lubhaaye!

Alag rangon mein, Alag dhangon se,
Jaise bhi ho...
Baarish mein mazaa toh sabko aaye!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A turbulent spree of exams coming up....
Thanks to all the people who have just started visiting my blog..feels nice...
But have to go off till the 15th of June...
Please check out this space after then...
Keep blogging..

Monday, May 28, 2007



Emotions remain as words, unsaid,


Scared of what they will unfold;

Emotions remains as stone, untouched,


Scared to know what my heart holds;

Emotions remain as an animal, chained,

Unaware, Untamed,

Scared to accept what my mind knows;

Emotions remain as a sea, silent,

Uncharged, Unrevealing,

Scared of the storm it heralds.


Saturday, May 26, 2007



When life was bleak,
No hope, No light,
No will to fight,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

With walls closing in,
No sound, No sight,
No will to live,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

Stripped of all feeling,
No sense, No emotion,
No will to find reason,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

Life seemed more precious,
No courage, No right,
No delusion, Just fright,
That happened when I thought of Suicide;

So forever more I am,
No feeling, No reason,
No life, Just existance,
That was when i couldn't take my Life.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


There is no better way than a poem to tell someone what they mean to you...
On the receiving end of it, I can tell u..
It feels wonderful, to have someone tell you, that you are important to them..
and that your existance, actions and friendship means something to them..
One of my freinds gave me this gift..And it meant more than anything that money could buy..
He gave me this poem saying.."Its not one of my own..But I says exactly what I feel"..
Here it is:

What You Are To Me

In unhappy times when you hurt and bleed
I’ll be the friend that you will need

Coz you’re special to me in many ways
The way you’ve helped me in troublesome days

I’ll never forget the sacrifices you’ve made
My smiles you’ve loved, my tears forbade

You’ve been with me in all my joys
Every moment with you I have enjoyed

Everything you’ve done I will repay
In my own small insignificant ways

Coz you’ve been the friend I’d always need
And I’d be to glad if I could be

Something even close to what you mean
Everyday I thank God for giving you to me

Vidushi Khera

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Expression takes on a different form,
and a whole new dimension;

Tentatively treading the boundaries,
Scared of seeming callous;

The initiative taken,response acknowledged,
The nuances become tangible;


The work of a thousand words done;
The soreness lingers-a sweet memory,

Infinitely closer than moments ago;
Yet waiting and wanting more.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


In the map of human history, pattern recognition in the fabric of life started with written documentation. Considering the age of our planet ‘Earth’, the life of human history has been very small indeed and WRITING is one of the greatest inventions. It IS power…power to express, power to influence, power to share, power to record…
It is also another thing- an art. Writing as an art has been prevalent since the earliest times. The beauty, meaning and secrets that WORDS hold are comparable to none other.
The power of words is real, yet not substantial enough in this illiterate world, where change is inflicted by people who don’t know the value of these words.
Going away from the technicalities, in the course of life i have realised that SCILENCE and INCOHERENT WORDS can wreck more havoc than the most eloquent of speeches…
Now I consider my self blessed with the gift of gab..but there came a time when these Words failed me as well....
Here's how:
Words are usually my friends,
I can use them to express anything,
and also sometimes use them to my end;
But now they seem useless,
Shallow and a means to no end;
They are not enough to express my care,
And entirely inadequate for my despair.

Friday, May 18, 2007


In this world where everything becomes obsolete before you have the time to experience or realise it..
Events, Incidents, Relationships, Friendships, Emotions...All of it....
The only thing that remains constant through all of it for everyone and all time is PAIN...
Some rejoice in it, Some wallow in it,
Some flounder and lose themselves in its depths,
Some learn to make it a quiet companion...
My take on it...

I live,I survive,
I have learnt to thrive;

I play with joys and sorrows,
Which are here today but gone tomorrow;

I live but alone with my one true companion,
my mate,
My pain its my only constant,
my fate;

At first I floundered, got lost in its depths,
Confusion, so deep my whole life upset;

Then for a while I wallowed,
Till ultimately I learnt to rejoice in the sorrow;

Now,I talk to it,I sleep with it,
I cover it with my eiderdown;

It has become my companion,
The only one I can call my own;

What do you know of sorrow, others say,
What pain has ever come your way?

It is not for others to know,I say,
Whats mine is mine alone;

I dont judge our pain, do I?
So to each his own;

Its the only thing that makes me realise..
I'm alive,
Battling my pain in this otherwise plastic life;

My friend, My foe,
My fortune, My fate;

With me it lives, With me it thrives,
Its my only true mate, with me it will die.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Fate Of Love

I could never have put it better or even as well my self...

I am....Cauz I Blog: When Love Turns Sour....

Saturday, May 12, 2007


One thing that i think has the most contradictory nature are THOUGHTS.....
Here's my take on it....

Flitting over blooming greens,
Swooping down to glassy stillness,
Soaring into the vast blue...

Defying the patterns of harmony,
And yet...

So Harmonious,
So Insightful,
So Beautiful..

Its purpose, is not to entertain
or to be tamed,
But to be, appriciated and observed,

Is it Tangible, Surreal or Merely a Caprice......?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Childish tho the rendering might speaks my heart..

People called it the most beautful emotion;
Unawares I lived with that notion;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

It came without intimation;
Inability to curtail it was my limitation;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

In every nuance, in every gesture;
To all of life i added a different lustre;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

There was no promise, no betrayl;
But every moment seemed like a trial;
I had believed in it so long;
I had sung it in every song.

Life resumed, but unlike the pheonix;
Once burnt it couldn't rise again from the ashes;
My belief was proved wrong;
My voice now carries no song.



In this harmonic chaos and patterned jumble of everyday that we call human life, I have observed one thing common to all- A REASON..

A reason to live, A reason to love;
A reason to try, A reason to cry;
Without a reason its all a lie.

It is this reason that marks the difference between 'living life' and 'simply existing'. A reason is what gives our life its quality. Each one is entitled to possess a different set od reasons, which may vary with time and circumstance. This reason for some may be material, for some emotional, for some spiritual and for some etheral.
Now at this point, most would try to figure in some corner of their mind.."What is my reason??..that which give my life its quality". And to find out, again most. I'm sure, went the route of.."What is it that my life is meaningless without??"..not surprisingly most even come up with an answer--music, football, work, a goal, cricket and more often than not, a person.
But what I think is...though this reason to live is extremely important..
The loss, the heartbreak, the tragedy, the revelations, the petty issues, the pithy joys.. all of it....
Its all constant..but the only constant thing is LIFE.
Its just that the parameters change the direction, the reason, the quality..while life still goes on...
You can reacquire material possessions find a new love, overcome loss and tragedy, accept revelations..... Then at the end of it RE-EMERGE living life with a new reason, just proving that...