Friday, May 18, 2007


In this world where everything becomes obsolete before you have the time to experience or realise it..
Events, Incidents, Relationships, Friendships, Emotions...All of it....
The only thing that remains constant through all of it for everyone and all time is PAIN...
Some rejoice in it, Some wallow in it,
Some flounder and lose themselves in its depths,
Some learn to make it a quiet companion...
My take on it...

I live,I survive,
I have learnt to thrive;

I play with joys and sorrows,
Which are here today but gone tomorrow;

I live but alone with my one true companion,
my mate,
My pain its my only constant,
my fate;

At first I floundered, got lost in its depths,
Confusion, so deep my whole life upset;

Then for a while I wallowed,
Till ultimately I learnt to rejoice in the sorrow;

Now,I talk to it,I sleep with it,
I cover it with my eiderdown;

It has become my companion,
The only one I can call my own;

What do you know of sorrow, others say,
What pain has ever come your way?

It is not for others to know,I say,
Whats mine is mine alone;

I dont judge our pain, do I?
So to each his own;

Its the only thing that makes me realise..
I'm alive,
Battling my pain in this otherwise plastic life;

My friend, My foe,
My fortune, My fate;

With me it lives, With me it thrives,
Its my only true mate, with me it will die.



Gautam said...


Ruma Malia said...

this is so true, pain is always the base coat in life

annie said...

You write just dazed!

relations said...

those who literally in love with pain..
each one of our heart is like a reciver to pain and we have different ways of embracing pain..