Thursday, December 20, 2007


i studied for it till my brains went all fuzzy..
eight excruciating days, i was all busy..

through random numbers and simulations..
to end in a page full of tabulations...

the distributions of probabilities..
to check system reliabilities...

while thinking of the time...
when i leave all this behind...

today dawned scared and queasy..
i think this rhyme's just getting cheesy...

so lets get to the actual point lastly...
my paper today was extremely ghastly!!!

a random rhyme after an appallingly traumatic paper of COMPUTER SIMULATION AND MODELING..
cheers to u'll while i get to my next paper!!


Nothingman said...

well its like they say, no matter how shitty a situation, you can always write a poem based on it...and if you can write a poem, its not that bad :P

Hope the answers you gave were good...buck up fornext papers:)

Cheers n gluck!


c e e d y said...

well to sumarize based on your description for you - CSM - meant Completely Sucked Man.....

Jeevy said...

thats well written now! :D

"Exams have people always stressed,
Exam time gets us a little depressed.

One day I wake very cheerful,
Looking at my timetable I become fearful.

One exam in every class!
I sure hope this time will come to pass.

I slowly back my bag, remorseful.
Is that university course full?

Not much time to get my grades up,
Think I, washing my coffee cup.

"You'll limit your future," lectures my mum.
Not my fault, think I, chewing my gum.

I wish I was smart, marked well on a test.
But I'll just have to stay down, back with the rest."


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

haha... very interesting :)
Good luck for your next exam :)

Teddy said...

By any means are you engineering in Elex ? That scares me. Exams, its all exams everywhere......

All the best!!!!

annie said...

Haha..u are too good just too good with poetic stuff.Good luck baby.

vitruvian said...

i sure hope the rest of my answers were good enuff too...
yea it helps to write...i needed to get it out of my system...
i was that traumatized!!

@c e e d y:
CSM - Completely Sucked Man.....
thats spot on dude!!

u just described what happens b4 EVERY SINGLE ONE of my exams....
i didn't kno that was the story of ur house too..
thanks lol..

thanks a ton raaji..
i really need it...
i desperately need a good paper!!

yea..i am in engg..but IT..
it does seem like we give exams for half of the year doesn't it??!!
thanks for the luck..

hey thanks annie!! :) :P

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