Saturday, May 19, 2007


In the map of human history, pattern recognition in the fabric of life started with written documentation. Considering the age of our planet ‘Earth’, the life of human history has been very small indeed and WRITING is one of the greatest inventions. It IS power…power to express, power to influence, power to share, power to record…
It is also another thing- an art. Writing as an art has been prevalent since the earliest times. The beauty, meaning and secrets that WORDS hold are comparable to none other.
The power of words is real, yet not substantial enough in this illiterate world, where change is inflicted by people who don’t know the value of these words.
Going away from the technicalities, in the course of life i have realised that SCILENCE and INCOHERENT WORDS can wreck more havoc than the most eloquent of speeches…
Now I consider my self blessed with the gift of gab..but there came a time when these Words failed me as well....
Here's how:
Words are usually my friends,
I can use them to express anything,
and also sometimes use them to my end;
But now they seem useless,
Shallow and a means to no end;
They are not enough to express my care,
And entirely inadequate for my despair.