Monday, May 28, 2007



Emotions remain as words, unsaid,


Scared of what they will unfold;

Emotions remains as stone, untouched,


Scared to know what my heart holds;

Emotions remain as an animal, chained,

Unaware, Untamed,

Scared to accept what my mind knows;

Emotions remain as a sea, silent,

Uncharged, Unrevealing,

Scared of the storm it heralds.



Hershey said...

short...simple... quite good.
I can see its amateurish...but yet..better than mine.

Keep writing..there will soon be improvement.:)

vitruvian said...

@hershey: Thanks...ya i kno the effect is raw...

Rajeev said...

Wonderfully written bout emotions! :)
very good.
I will be back for more.
thanx for the visit upon mah blog and keep comin back for more

peace & love

Rajeev said...

I've linked ur blog
and btw u have mistaken the blog world.
This is not a bad world. This is the only place where peace & serenity still exists!

peace & love

Rajeev said...

well, CMB is a blog run by Billy who reviews other's blogs! :)
U just have to submit ur blog link to his askin him to review ur blog and add a link to his blog in ur blogroll! :)
ur blog will be reviewd and will mail u to know that ur blog has been reviewed! :) simple!

peace & love

Rajeev said...

Can u come on yahoo!?
it wud be easier for me to tell u about it!
Try to come online now. my id in my profile.
I will leave in sometime. come right now if possible!!

peace & love

Shruti said...

Hi Sneha, came here through Rajeev's blog...
Lovely blog you have here..
You wrote wonderfully, simple yet powerful..

Take care

Priyanka Sarkar said...

lovely pic!!!
very well expressed ...

vitruvian said...

@Shruti, @ Priyanka: Thanks a lot..

Dream catcher said...

very very symbolic...loved it..!! i wonder how many gr8 ppl i have yet to meet..

Dream catcher said...

yeah blogrolled ya :)keep writing..will b bak ;) for more

Ruma Malia said...

im not really into peotry but ur just different, the way u present ur tghts as they are, not heavy embellishments, thats the best part about ur work, keep it going!

akanksha said...

Well...poetry is something i m fascinated havent tried writing myself...coz i think prose suits me better.
i m fascinated by the way d put emotions in words....Ahhhhhh poetry!!!!

Floyd said...

Wonderfully figurative... Bravo...

vitruvian said...

@Ruma:thanks u just made my day...

hey i read ur blog..u seem to write even prose with a certain spontainety...i think thats rreally reqd to write u've got the tools...u go girl..
looking forward to reading some poems from u...

@Floyd: thanks dude...and i'm practically starving for a poem by u plz keep posting..

somebody said...