Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My life is abhorred,
But for me was felicitous and gay,
as I chose the spiritual way,
They raved and ranted,
About God being squandered,
We listened enraptured,
Our minds staid and stronger,
We soon picked up rapiers,
And severed our minds,
Took an oath of subsistence,
Till placed in our shrine,
A promise of a tryst,
With the almighty lord,
Lured most of our kind,
To the paths we trod,
It wasn't a spoof,
I realize now,
I'm trooping those heights
My wish will materialize now.

(the thought i have expressed in the poem are what i understand form the concept of JIHAD from a time when terrorism was not a professional option!)

The reason I have written this poem from the perspective of a terrorist, is because I was genuinely wondering what makes them do what they do and stick by it remorselessly.

I tried to do a little reading to figure it out, but obviously a terrorist has yet come out with his/her biography saying "This is why i became a terrorist----".

The reasons could be a plenty and varied. Broadly it could be because of socio-cultural conditions experienced while growing up, company kept by impressionable minds and more often than not some personal experience of loss because of the same activities they perpetuate in order to take revenge.

Meaning no offense to any religion but a majority of the terrorists in the world today, are Islamic. Unfortunately, because of these miscreants and their distorted interpretation of their (actually beautiful) religion, a stigma had been attached to Islam in countries which are not primarily inhabited by Muslims. The prejudice has only increased the divide.

"Mujahideen", is the word they use, which means struggler(it has its root in the word 'jihad').
The mujahideens in history were considered heroes, thats another things the TERRORISTS have negated, the positive implication of JIHAD in history.

But despite their abominable actions, what actually disgusts me something else.

Today, Terrorism has become a high profile PROFESSION, under the false guise of religion.!!

Living in India, we have now faced a lot of terrorism in all parts of the country in the past 15 years. Right from the 1993 blasts to the Hyderabad blasts of last week, perpetrated by organizations from within and without. Each time a different Lashkar or Mujahideen organization takes the responsibility for the incident.

But among all other emotions, I always wonder,


rOhit said...

Wow.. really loved it.. essaying a "terrorist's" mind.. quite deep and thoughtful content..

Keep it on.. :)
Liked ur blog.. mind if i link you..:)

The Rebel said...

Terrorsists are borne out of the lack of education and extremist opinions prevalent in the religious society you mentioned.....

nothing to do with the ideals and principles of the religion!!!

very good post!!!


rOhit said...

The last time i read it.. there was just a poem.. but the other part which u wrote recently was something which i wanted to see.. And I always thought I am the only person who "thinks" about Terrorist. ;)

I believe its actually the teachings and thought process which is being "provided" to them during their camp sessions. Any person can reach such a mind-set where right/wrong doesnt seems influential enough is something on which I've been thinking quite off late and will be writing a post soon.
Anyways..Thnxx for ur comments up my blog.

This is one meaningful post.. and you've been linked ;)

c e e d y said...

it is a sad state of affair as how for some minor political gain - a pure thing like religion is twisted by those seeking power - make the people channel their inadequacies - to suit their ambitions - great post - can actually be a movie (similar to Munich where they see it from the murderes eyes)

KP said...

very well written....they dont think ...:) if they did ...than this incidents would not take place.:)

vitruvian said...

firstly thanks for blogrolling me...
yea..i added it later...
lol..same here even i thot it wud be hard to find someone else who thinks about terrorists...
well yea probably the kind of drilling they get in those sessions completely brainwashes them.but still... waiting to read ur post soon.

Thank u for liking the post...
and i agree with you on lack of education and extrmist opinions to a certain extent..
but..if u'll notice the terrorists nowadays, the ones who are the masterminds are highly educated and brilliantly intelligent...look at osama for example.
but i stil stand by wrong interpretation of religion...because that what the use to gain their initial support and quell opposition amongst their own ranks..

hey thanks a lot...
yea..munich..that was movie...and its a good idea u have to make a movie from the terrorists perspective...but the research for this subject will b next to impossible...

yea i guess ur right...i might just have to accept that conclusion...
but then a small voice in my head can a human being NOT think???

Ashu said...

Yes i agree with the educated lot and higher part of society to get in the mess of terrorism. and if we look at Glasgow bombing, Hyd blasts and 9/11 then your observations become even more relevant......

Its just that this shitheads use religion as the hiding for their violence!!!!

c e e d y said...

yeah research will be impossible - unless you become one of them - since we are on the subject two more media come to my mind
- Movie Terrorist (rajiv gandhis suicide bomber)
-Play Gandhi Viruddh Godse with paresh rawal i have seen that makes us realize the turmoil godse was going thru...
just my 2 cents :)

vitruvian said...

yea exactly...thats the sad part...

hey...u come up with good ideas...u shud genuinely sell really..i mean it...

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