Sunday, August 12, 2007


My circle of friends is very large...I really believe in making friends for life..
They are my priority most of the time..its only in rare moments I selfishly think solely for myself..
Sometimes a lot of the things that i want to or have to do at a personal level remain undone because of this...
Now every human being...goes through phases when they need to be purely with themselves, thus limiting or in some cases entirely cutting of contact with other people..I've been there myself and completely understand the sentiment..
But when 4-5 people in the circle of friends,that is close to u, do that...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!
then it gets too alarming for coincidence..
Now these are all friends who have nothing to do with each other, so its not something decided amongst them...I haven't really had fights with any of them baffled and stumped i was..that when realization of this situation dawned..
My First reaction: Have I changed?? Or done something wrong?? And what am I supposed to read into this??
but slowly on reasoning, analysis, confrontation and reassurances...
(*What a relief!!*)
I respect what each one of them is doing or has to do..each for their own reasons...
but it had left a pocket of vacuum in my life...
So this is one time that I'm gonna be selfish and wish that they all just come back soon!!
Am really missing them all!!


i have,
myriad questions,
unanswered they remain;
i have,
all emotions bared,
like a mollusk u remain;
i have,
tried all i could,
unyielding u remain;
i have,
made silence my ally,
but ever loyal to u it remains;
i have,
a companion tried to be,
stubbornly alone u remain;
i have,
a hand toward extended,
like always u treat it with disdain!


Alok said...

dont wrry dudette, all ur mates will b bak, ur attractive personality will totally draw em yaar, ppl r wierd and the phases they go through r massively screwed, so dont wrry, jus let em be....chalo then, cheerio till nex time.

relations said...

nice work..
u know the best thing your poems whatever their matter be,they contain a pinch of optimism..
keep it there..
n btw gud luck 4 ur relnships

pravin said...

You could always nibble on chocolate :D

annie said...

A panoptic view from my side says -Your goodness and optimism out & out shines. Having said that, now lemme give you some gyaan (not really, though...just 5 more years of experience!!)...Ok back to where i was...

As you move higher up the ladder (of life)..u will realise that priorities of ppl/frds around you will also change.It's some inevitable and i have personally seen it happenin with my friends too.Now we are there in just each others thoughts...that is it.

Communication takes a back don't feel troubled at your own or others behaviours..It's jus of those things that happen!! Needless to say,like your other poems...i loved this one too.


lemonade said...

im afraid i'm like one of those friends..i dunno why..sometimes i just need some time to myself...

u shouldn't worry bout it though..they'll come back when they're me :)

vitruvian said...

@alok: yeah dude..."my attractive personality"...sure!!!
so where are u???lol.. ;)
*just kidding!*

hey thanks....optimism..yeah loads of ppl seem to be commenting on that...i think i'm an inherently optimistic person..
maybe i shud add that to my resume!!lol..
thanks again..

@pravin: i always have a bourneville with me....wheter happy, sad or neutral...chocolate is always my true pal!! :D

@annie: i guess u're right..its just that u don't think of it in such light when it is happening...realization dawns much later...

@lemonade: i sure hope they do!

Jeya Anand said...

Everything is gonna end well...that was a cute poem...:)loved it!!

Rajeev said...

lovely poem!
dont worry, they will come back for sure :)

peace & love

somebody said...