Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A turbulent spree of exams coming up....
Thanks to all the people who have just started visiting my blog..feels nice...
But have to go off till the 15th of June...
Please check out this space after then...
Keep blogging..

Monday, May 28, 2007



Emotions remain as words, unsaid,


Scared of what they will unfold;

Emotions remains as stone, untouched,


Scared to know what my heart holds;

Emotions remain as an animal, chained,

Unaware, Untamed,

Scared to accept what my mind knows;

Emotions remain as a sea, silent,

Uncharged, Unrevealing,

Scared of the storm it heralds.


Saturday, May 26, 2007



When life was bleak,
No hope, No light,
No will to fight,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

With walls closing in,
No sound, No sight,
No will to live,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

Stripped of all feeling,
No sense, No emotion,
No will to find reason,
That was when I thought of Suicide;

Life seemed more precious,
No courage, No right,
No delusion, Just fright,
That happened when I thought of Suicide;

So forever more I am,
No feeling, No reason,
No life, Just existance,
That was when i couldn't take my Life.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


There is no better way than a poem to tell someone what they mean to you...
On the receiving end of it, I can tell u..
It feels wonderful, to have someone tell you, that you are important to them..
and that your existance, actions and friendship means something to them..
One of my freinds gave me this gift..And it meant more than anything that money could buy..
He gave me this poem saying.."Its not one of my own..But I says exactly what I feel"..
Here it is:

What You Are To Me

In unhappy times when you hurt and bleed
I’ll be the friend that you will need

Coz you’re special to me in many ways
The way you’ve helped me in troublesome days

I’ll never forget the sacrifices you’ve made
My smiles you’ve loved, my tears forbade

You’ve been with me in all my joys
Every moment with you I have enjoyed

Everything you’ve done I will repay
In my own small insignificant ways

Coz you’ve been the friend I’d always need
And I’d be to glad if I could be

Something even close to what you mean
Everyday I thank God for giving you to me

Vidushi Khera

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Expression takes on a different form,
and a whole new dimension;

Tentatively treading the boundaries,
Scared of seeming callous;

The initiative taken,response acknowledged,
The nuances become tangible;


The work of a thousand words done;
The soreness lingers-a sweet memory,

Infinitely closer than moments ago;
Yet waiting and wanting more.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


In the map of human history, pattern recognition in the fabric of life started with written documentation. Considering the age of our planet ‘Earth’, the life of human history has been very small indeed and WRITING is one of the greatest inventions. It IS power…power to express, power to influence, power to share, power to record…
It is also another thing- an art. Writing as an art has been prevalent since the earliest times. The beauty, meaning and secrets that WORDS hold are comparable to none other.
The power of words is real, yet not substantial enough in this illiterate world, where change is inflicted by people who don’t know the value of these words.
Going away from the technicalities, in the course of life i have realised that SCILENCE and INCOHERENT WORDS can wreck more havoc than the most eloquent of speeches…
Now I consider my self blessed with the gift of gab..but there came a time when these Words failed me as well....
Here's how:
Words are usually my friends,
I can use them to express anything,
and also sometimes use them to my end;
But now they seem useless,
Shallow and a means to no end;
They are not enough to express my care,
And entirely inadequate for my despair.

Friday, May 18, 2007


In this world where everything becomes obsolete before you have the time to experience or realise it..
Events, Incidents, Relationships, Friendships, Emotions...All of it....
The only thing that remains constant through all of it for everyone and all time is PAIN...
Some rejoice in it, Some wallow in it,
Some flounder and lose themselves in its depths,
Some learn to make it a quiet companion...
My take on it...

I live,I survive,
I have learnt to thrive;

I play with joys and sorrows,
Which are here today but gone tomorrow;

I live but alone with my one true companion,
my mate,
My pain its my only constant,
my fate;

At first I floundered, got lost in its depths,
Confusion, so deep my whole life upset;

Then for a while I wallowed,
Till ultimately I learnt to rejoice in the sorrow;

Now,I talk to it,I sleep with it,
I cover it with my eiderdown;

It has become my companion,
The only one I can call my own;

What do you know of sorrow, others say,
What pain has ever come your way?

It is not for others to know,I say,
Whats mine is mine alone;

I dont judge our pain, do I?
So to each his own;

Its the only thing that makes me realise..
I'm alive,
Battling my pain in this otherwise plastic life;

My friend, My foe,
My fortune, My fate;

With me it lives, With me it thrives,
Its my only true mate, with me it will die.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Fate Of Love

I could never have put it better or even as well my self...

I am....Cauz I Blog: When Love Turns Sour....

Saturday, May 12, 2007


One thing that i think has the most contradictory nature are THOUGHTS.....
Here's my take on it....

Flitting over blooming greens,
Swooping down to glassy stillness,
Soaring into the vast blue...

Defying the patterns of harmony,
And yet...

So Harmonious,
So Insightful,
So Beautiful..

Its purpose, is not to entertain
or to be tamed,
But to be, appriciated and observed,

Is it Tangible, Surreal or Merely a Caprice......?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Childish tho the rendering might be...it speaks my heart..

People called it the most beautful emotion;
Unawares I lived with that notion;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

It came without intimation;
Inability to curtail it was my limitation;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

In every nuance, in every gesture;
To all of life i added a different lustre;
I believed in it so long;
I sang it in every song.

There was no promise, no betrayl;
But every moment seemed like a trial;
I had believed in it so long;
I had sung it in every song.

Life resumed, but unlike the pheonix;
Once burnt it couldn't rise again from the ashes;
My belief was proved wrong;
My voice now carries no song.



In this harmonic chaos and patterned jumble of everyday that we call human life, I have observed one thing common to all- A REASON..

A reason to live, A reason to love;
A reason to try, A reason to cry;
Without a reason its all a lie.

It is this reason that marks the difference between 'living life' and 'simply existing'. A reason is what gives our life its quality. Each one is entitled to possess a different set od reasons, which may vary with time and circumstance. This reason for some may be material, for some emotional, for some spiritual and for some etheral.
Now at this point, most would try to figure in some corner of their mind.."What is my reason??..that which give my life its quality". And to find out, again most. I'm sure, went the route of.."What is it that my life is meaningless without??"..not surprisingly most even come up with an answer--music, football, work, a goal, cricket and more often than not, a person.
But what I think is...though this reason to live is extremely important..
The loss, the heartbreak, the tragedy, the revelations, the petty issues, the pithy joys.. all of it....
Its all constant..but the only constant thing is LIFE.
Its just that the parameters change the direction, the reason, the quality..while life still goes on...
You can reacquire material possessions find a new love, overcome loss and tragedy, accept revelations..... Then at the end of it RE-EMERGE living life with a new reason, just proving that...