Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whenever a noble deed is wrought,
Whenever spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise,
To higher levels rise,
The tidal wave of deeper souls,
Into our inmost being rolls,
And lifts us unawares,
Out of all meaner cares!


annie said...

The picture just transformed me into a different land.

The poem is as usual par excellence.

The gal behind the poem never ceases to amaze me.

Love Hugs & Prayers from me:)

relations said...


i dont know if great is rigth adjective for this poem or just degrades its charm..

well, noble thought is again a relative term, i could absolutely relate to this write-up..
its short but says everything..

if this occurance of noble thought could happen a lot more than usual, it would lift us of all our fears..


Rakesh said...

Beautiful picture and so does the words...

dharmabum said...

the goodness of what they call satsang

Rajeev said...

wonderful sneha!
loved the pic! :)

peace & love

Ashu said...


vitruvian said...

thanks so much dear...honestly ur comment really made my day!!
thanks again!!

the occurrence of this noble thot i realized depends on our perception...ENTIRELY!!
neway...thanks so much for the generous praise..

@rakesh:thank you..yeah the pic is beautiful na..it gave me a real sense of peace just to look at it..

the goodness and noble thot could be anything...like maybe u leaving me the comment...

thanks so much buddy....long time not been in touch with u...hope ur doing good..

@ashu: thank u so much...and 1 more thing...i am not able to access ur blog...could you please leave me ur link..

akanksha said...

Beautiful!!!! just love dthe words..:-) and the pic tooo.

relations said...


perception does perhaps decides our every action..

Jeya Anand said...

WOW....is that enough?? Nope... Fantastic,Marvelous,Breathtaking...Now that will suffice I guess...:)
Keep writing more..love ur works:)

gbalakrishnan said...

wanted it to go on, but the beauty of it is, those few words said it all...

Ashu said...

smhow i m unable to display my blog link in profile :(

the link is ashusdiary.blogspot.com

annie said...

Makin my blog private..need ur mail id to send u an invite.

vitruvian said...

thanks so much...ya..the pic is really soothing na?

yup..u said it!!

@Jeya Anand:
Thanks so much for the extremely generous praise...its ppl who appreciate my work that keep me writing...so thanks for that as well..

Thanks..yeah..the less is more policy seems to work here is it not??

Thanks..now that i have the link..i'll definitely check it out...thanks

do send me an invite

akanksha said...

Well...my brother is a buzy bee...so here i am replying from his side.He says"thanks for visiting his blog and he'll visit yours soon.And thanks for the wishes..."

wildflower said...

the pic! Oh Man...it's so soothing and so are the words...


somebody said...