Saturday, December 29, 2007


Everybody loves to catch up with friends. But in this busy day and age to actually meet up and hang out with people outside of work place or educational institution is very difficult. Its the eternal problem of TIME.

Strangely I found a few friends all relatively free on the same day, when I had the time and opportunity for a house party.Now, here comes the catch....I knew each one of them from a different place viz. one from pune, one from my building, one from a class that I once took etc and some of them were bringing their friends to boot.

So, not only did my guests not know each other, I had guests whom, even I didn't know.
Now, if you have ever planned a party you know, that this is a sure shot recipe for disaster!!
Guess what....
Surprisingly, it was a HIT!!

People started arriving at around 6 in the evening. Every time a person came in there was this introduction session, but I restricted it to who's who and left them to figure the rest in the course of the evening. Till around 8, when my last guests arrived, it was pretty interesting and you could literally see people "getting to know each other" over a couple of drinks.
Its funny how comfortable the whole atmosphere became. Not a SINGLE person, and i don't exaggerate, not a single person was left out. Yes, there were some jokes that were sometimes lost on a few people, a few lapses of memory(i.e."Oh sorry, what was your name again?" kinds) and some verbal faux pas, which could actually happen anywhere.

A multi-cultural, multi-professional and metropolitan crowd, it was quite a stimulating and fun place to be.

Dinner was an even better affair. Despite it being a Friday night we decided to take a chance at a restaurant, without prior reservation. Piling into rickshaws, after 2 tries we finally got a decent table at one, where NONE of us had eaten before (For those in Mumbai, its called "Restaurant 5", in Santacruz, around Rs.250-300 per head, exclusive of alcohol) . It was one of the best meals I've had in a really long while. Pleasant ambiance, amazing food and even better company!
Funny stories from school, college, work place from such a broad spectrum of people...It was fascinating! Not one boring moment.

We then headed to Bombay Blues, for our eternal favourite, Sizzling Brownie Sundae. There outside through the glass we were entertained by a couple of kids diligently practicing their WWE moves.That kept us for about half an hour.

All then camped at my place for the night..Floyd in the background(minus the vodka, unfortunately).There was a chaotic mess of people who had to get to work and college and stuff from 6 o clock in the morning, and all this from people who had finally condescended to sleep at 5 am.

I was left behind with a messy house, impending studies for my next paper and a sense of happiness.

Everyone here last night had a good time and has made a minimum of 2 new friends.
We figured out rock music is a common interest and most of us are meeting again tonight at 'Livewire'..the am-band finals and rock show as a part of Mood Indigo, at IIT Bombay...

so go figure!!! :) :)

I should try this more often...It all seems to work out in the end!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


i actually saw the movie first day..first show...
but i dont have the time to actually write a review about thus movie...because..
i could simply keep writing!!

it is BRILLIANT.....multifaceted....sensitively handled.....implosive in its drama....

The actor Darsheel is awesome....he has done an amazing job..
and Aamir Khan..words fail me..
His directorial debut was an ABSOLUTE dhamaka!!

There were so many things i loved about it that i can't even begin to put it down..
I was in tears throughout the movie...
It is BEAUTIFUL in every single respect..
Kudos to the whole team of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR..
and a special one to Aamir Khan for giving us this movie hoping there will be many such more...


Saturday, December 22, 2007

<<<<<<------ONE YEAR BACK..........>>>>>TODAY


December, in Mumbai, is one of the most pleasant months. The residents of the city get a respite from the humidly oppressive heat without having to bear harsh winters.
On one such day in December 2006, they met around mid-morning at Churchgate station-A casual meeting between friends who hadn't met for a while because of exam schedules. They greeted each other with brilliant smiles, reserved for people who "make your day".

They exchanged initial pleasantries and headed towards Mocha for a relaxed morning of coffee and chatter. Most of the day passed by like a breeze...lunch at Pizzeria....a walk along Marine Drive...well almost...

Come evening, they sat together at the sea-side. Each of them involved in their own thoughts--thoughts of events, other people and life in general. The conversation was just perfect, just enough to suggest company and comfortable enough to allow room for the thoughts.
Suddenly, she glanced at him and caught him staring at her. She held his eye and they looked....just looked at each other.

They only noticed time, when it began trying to veil the intimacy of their gaze, with the dark blue of the night sky.The spell lifted and a chill breeze blew in.

Not a little conscious, she eventually asked him,"Usually when we speak, even when you are miles away from me, over the phone, I always know what exactly is going on in your mind and heart...
But today, you are here sitting, not 1 foot away from me and I'm incapable of understanding anything about you."
He just smiled a mysterious smile and answered.."Thats because I was thinking about you..."


A year has passed that day....a year full of turmoil and unpleasant events.....

He calls her up.
Him: "Hi!! Whats up?"
Her: "Hey, nothing, just watching TV..U tell me.."
Him: "How are your studies going on?How was todays paper?"
Her:"Sucked big time...Better try to make up in the next one..What about your work?"
Him:"All great as usual."
Her:"And your amma?"
Him:"She's fine. But I do miss her."
.(a pause..the kind that you would call pregnant..)
Her:"I think I should get back to my work now"
Him:"Yea, I guess you should...bye!"

I guess life goes on....
we haven't seen anything that qualifies the end of the world yet..

Thursday, December 20, 2007


i studied for it till my brains went all fuzzy..
eight excruciating days, i was all busy..

through random numbers and simulations..
to end in a page full of tabulations...

the distributions of probabilities..
to check system reliabilities...

while thinking of the time...
when i leave all this behind...

today dawned scared and queasy..
i think this rhyme's just getting cheesy...

so lets get to the actual point lastly...
my paper today was extremely ghastly!!!

a random rhyme after an appallingly traumatic paper of COMPUTER SIMULATION AND MODELING..
cheers to u'll while i get to my next paper!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I like my blog!!
Well I'm starting by saying that because, unwittingly this has become a rather important part of my life..
I always knew what kind of a writer I was..and how much or how little I could do with my words..
I'd begun this blog for absolutely no!
But now its extremely therapeutic...
To be able to vent..or simply ramble....basically treating it like a Pensieve(For those who are Harry Potter ignorants..check the link)..
But wait..a diary serves this purpose too..doesn't it?? In fact its better...u can write whatever the fuck u one to censure it or judge u!!
Nah..thats what makes this place different and better!
The people.....those who read your blog regularly and comment...leaving behind words of and when required..
Following other blogs by other people just completes the blogging experience...
The variety of topics...difference in thoughts and opinions...radical lifestyles...there is a lot that gets reflected in each blog, irrespective of the kind of blog that it might be..
a lot of people say.."I MY BLOG IS ME"...well i cannot somehow wholly agree with that statement because each one keeps a bit of themselves away from others..the reasons are different for each...
but everyone does it...
i don't judge people by their blogs...
i don't assume or presume that i know ANYTHING about the person just because i've been reading his/her blog...
but it DOES give u a sense of familiarity...

Now i really admire a lot of my "blogger friends"...

Annie- with her undiluted words straight from the bottom of her heart...
i admire this me a wuss but i NEED the cover of poetry or abstraction to

Ashu- who is so clear in each of her posts and pays attention to every detail...
her thought process clearly visible in each and every one of her posts...

c e e d y- heres one i started following only recently...but i think he comes up with great ideas in his posts...
his innovative and creative streak comes across on his blog..

D- opinionated and independent....yet her posts have an extremely homely feel to them...

Dharmabum- now i do enjoy his "bummy" way of writing...he's irregular but makes up for it with extremely long and flavourful posts when he gets back..
his posts are like captain cooks recipie...but u can still taste every ingredient..yes even the socks!! ;-)

DreamCatcher- aahhh...this is Mr.Big God I learn atleast one new word per post from him...
He writes beautifully in both English as well as Hindi..his poems have an ethereal quality to them which is extremely seductive...

Eva- aahhh..this is one good writer...shes refreshingly different and really good...
its a very young though sufficiently tempered view on life...which is beautiful to behold...

Keshi-this is one blogger whose blog is genuinely her online diary...
she write without inhibitions and reservations...the way she manages to carve her everyday life into such interesting posts, it makes me feel that life is never dull..
its the way u look at it..

Raajeev- this guy is absolutely amazing...completely out of the box...
the romanticism in his tales are amazing...and his poems are equally if not more brilliant...
he paints a very vivid picture irrespective of the medium he uses..

Neo- aahhh...the dark side of the moon.....
he uses his blog to vent...but what a beautiful blog that makes it...
his templates are always beautiful..and his oh my...they are dark..dripping with pain...the only colours he makes u thin of are the scarlet of freshly spilled blood and the black of death!
All this makes his blog strangely addictive...

Nothingman- Only lately have i realized the true value of this genius....
"i admire him" is an understatement...i absolutely love him...
i don't know HOW he manages to come up with a story AND a poem every day...and never has he posted an excuse for either...
sheer talent!!

PK and SAJIT- well these are actually my friends(not only on the http)...
and their blogs tho listed are defunct...but i mention them here because i have been greatly impressed and influenced by their words and works...

Shimmer- tho not on my roll...I'm amazed by this runaway poet!!

I really want thank all these people for making this fun and enriching....and all the others who visit this place and brighten my day...I read many more blogs and appreciate the sentiments on them all..the above are just a few who have left an impression on me in some way or another...
this seems to have a tone of finality to it..but I'm definitely not going anywhere and will continue to waste web space for a long time to come...
Keep blogging people...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thi woh eik shaam-e-ghazal..
Mehfil mein na koi hosh tha..
Hum bhi kuch madhosh hi the..
Us shaam..jab hum zindagi se mile..


I've not taken up any tags for a very long time....
but i got tagged by educatedunemployed yesterday...
i think i've done it before...but ppl change the randomeness about them changes as well...

1.)I cant hear alarm clocks!!
no seriously..its not silly...even if u keep the most cacophinic alarm clock right next to my

2.)I share a love-hate relationship with my mobile phone...
When its not working..i'm happier without it..
but when its there we are inseparable...(still wishing it was in the shop)

3.)My tastes have lately undergone a drastic change...
i do no sports
love mush and comedy over sci-fi
unconsciously incorporated a whole lot of PINK in my wardrobe!

4.)I never form and opinion about ANY person in the first meeting or convo...
have NEVER done it!!(unless of course i have absolutely HAD in an interview or

5.)My feet are my feel good factor...i.e.
If my feet are well kept and happy..i feel happy on the whole.. :P

6.)despite nearly being an IT engineer...I'm technologically backward...

7.)I LoVe my Blog!!!!!! :) :D i tag...
c e e d y

cheers ppl!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Today I'm Liberated..I'm Free..
There's no place else I'd rather be..
Gone past the irrevocable change..
New Beginnings..They can be strange..
I've just got my Life back..
I'm doing the same things..
But my heart feels so light..
And everything feels so right..
In order to move on confidently and unabashedly..
I have to make peace with my past..
See the path I've traveled..
Learn not to regret the ME of the past...
And Understand and accept the me of the present..

Friday, December 07, 2007

Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari

Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari
Humse mat poocho kya hasrat hai humari
Ek koshish thi kabhi pana tasvir tumhari
Jo keh na sake apni juban se kabhi hum
Bina kahe pooch leti tasvir tumhari
Hoti jo aahat aangan mere kabhi
Bhar jaati tumhare ehsas se chahat humari
Rehti hoon jab main saaye mein khamoshi ke kabhi
Yaad karti hoon hamesha muskan tumhari
Aati hain jab hume yaad tumhari

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Na tujhe, Na teri wafaaein maangi,
Na apne liye koi duaaein maangi;
Na khwab,Na teri yaadein maangi,
Na dosti ki saugaatein maangi;
Pucho fir hume khuda se gila kya hai,
Khuda se maangi woh dua kya hai;
Tum khush raho, rab se yeh fariyaad ki thi,
Lekin meri khusi barbaad karne ki ijaazat na di thi..
I apologize if it was appalling...but it was a sincere attempt at shayari..

Sunday, December 02, 2007


i was just cleaning out my book shelf when i came across my very FIRST book in which I wrote poems...
here's my favorite one out of those...
this is about 8 years ago...and so its sort of kiddish...
but love it because its my first published my school magazine... :) :D
i was damn proud of myself... it is...


There is beauty in the sunset,

There is beauty in the dawn,

One makes you think of what has been,

The other leads you on,

So while you enjoy these precious hours,

Let no regrets cloud your mind,

There's still the future bright with hope,

And many a rainbow to find.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

bE baCK s00N...

alive yet dead...
with life unforgiven....

its long since i'd said it...
but now i finally awaken...

to reality..
to my life...
which is still waiting for me....

I loVe mY LyF!!!!!! :) :) :)


my exams have finally arrived to stay for a month...
will definitely post...but probably at the rate of one a week or something...
have actually just gotten back to this place after soo long...
dont feel like neglecting it...but PRIORITIES!!

P.S: Please read the post below...entitled LIFE..??
I really want to know your perspectives on this one...