Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When making my breakfast
in the morning today,
I wondered, what it my egg
represents my day?
An omelette, with chopped chillies,
onions and tomatoes,
Is a day when life, keeps you
on youe toes,
A fried egg or two, either sunny
side up or down,
Indicates a happy one or one,
marked with a frown,
An egg minus the yolk, for
the diet conscious folk,
A day of healthy living, lest
we die of a stroke,
An egg that goes wrong, can
be scrambled,
A day when life, is all
in shambles,
But fluffy buttered scrambles,
make a very tasty dish,
And ultimately breakfast in bed,
is now my wish!!


KP said...

great...please share ur breakfast..:D
tx for dropping by......:)

c e e d y said...

hi found you from another blog and glad i did :)
that can actually be a menu of a restaurant just serving eggs, coffee and toast :)

The Rebel said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! welcome 2 my blog again, hope u do drop regularly....


vitruvian said...

share my breakfast....sure dude...
ur welcome anytime...

hey..firstly...thanks for dropping by...
and yeah...i didn't think of that...but its not a bad idea..
it can literally be used as a menu..;) lol...
hope u c u again...cheers

@the rebel:
and i'm really sorry for my on again of again thing..really..
will try 2 b more regular..

annie said...

That luks yum..looks like to back to bloggin scene.

vitruvian said...

yea..looks like i'm back...
but i've lost all my old readers..
:( :(

yes said...


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