Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Order Of The Pheonix

I finally saw the much awaited 5th movie of the Harry Potter series....
Firstly on a principle I never compare, when the movie is an adaptation on the book.. because inevitably the book is better!
The only movie adaptation of a book that has failed to disappoint me has been Lord Of The Rings.....ARAGORNNN!!!(sigh.......!)
Instead I try to enjoy the movie for itself...because, to recreate such a fantastic world with such elaborate scenes, is far from easy!!
This movie was much darker than its predecessors....Some scenes for example 'Sirius' Death', 'Fight in the Ministry','Weasly twins escape'...they were absolutely brilliant..had me completely riveted!!
The character of Dolores Umbridge, was extremely well executed by Imelda Staunton, right from the overly pink fluffy outfits to the simpering laugh!! Within five minutes of her entry every member in the audience wanted to harm her!
Emma Watson just looks more like an english rose with every passing movie...
And the chemistry betwwen her and Rupert Grinch is palapable just to the correct limits...
Was disappointed by a few scenes like 'Dementos in Little Winghing' and 'Voldemort entering Harry in the Ministry'...but nevertheless it was worth it!!
So...Go out and enjoy the movie..