Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whenever a noble deed is wrought,
Whenever spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise,
To higher levels rise,
The tidal wave of deeper souls,
Into our inmost being rolls,
And lifts us unawares,
Out of all meaner cares!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


There is only one festival in Kerala which is celebrated with great ceremony and gaiety....ONAM...

Onam is the one of the most beautiful and meaningful festival in the World. It is traditionally a harvest festival but there is a legend attached to it.

Legend has it that there was once a king called Mahabali. He was extremely powerful, a conquerer yet a kind and good king and a man of principles. He was performing the sacrificial rite of Viswajith at the banks of Narmada River, and declared that he would give anything that anyone sought from him during this Yagna. At this the gods were very annoyed. Bali was the ruler of all the three worlds having defeated the devas.
The gods approached Vishnu and asked for his help to dethrone Mahabali. Vishnu, incarnated in the form of Vamana, a dwarf to defeat the Daityas. As he was approaching them, the sages assembled there perceived the extraordinary effulgence form of the young lad. On being received as befitted a brahmin, Vamana smiled and said: "You need not give me anything great. It is enough if you give me that extend of land covered by three footsteps of mine".
Bali's preceptor, Shukracharya a Daitya priest, who could have vision of the future told Bali that the one, who had come to seek a gift from Bali was not an ordinary Brahmin but Lord Narayana Himself who had assumed this form. He advised Bali not to promise the lad anything. But Bali was a king who would never go back on his word and told his Guru that he would never break his promise. Bali told his Guru: "Prana (life) and Maana (honour) are the two eyes of a person. Even if life goes, honour should be protected. Granting that the person that has come now is the Lord Himself, I should be the most fortunate one as the Lord, who gives everything to mankind, is seeking something from me."
Vamana grew in size until he towered above the heavens. With one foot, he measured all of the earth. With the other, he claimed all of heaven. There was still one foot of territory that Bali owed him. Bali offered his head to be measured as the third step of land which Lord Vamana had asked for as alms, thus sending him to pathala.
As a last wish Mahabali was granted the permission to visit his subjects once a year. Thus, Keralites celebrate Onam festival to commemorate the memory of a Great King Mahabali who would keep his promise. Mahabali fulfilled his name as the great martyr for the sake of Truth. The name "Mahabali" itself means Great Sacrifice. Thus Onam celebrates a series of martyrdom of the devoted Daityas.

Prayer, festivities, sadhya and Vallamkali are typically symbolic of Onam.
Sadhya is the feast that comprises of a variety of dishes

and Vallamkali are the famous snake boat races which have now become a regular event.

For me the best part of onam is the Onasadhya...my mother makes scrumptious food which i consume in copious amounts...(yummy!!)
and of course the new clothes...but thats the story living away from Kerala..
The festivities in kerala are spectacle to behold!

My Onam Wishes
Maveli, in God's own country,
Descends annually to ensure bounty;

Amma, elegant in a mundu so white,
Bordered with a golden light;

Achchan also helps in the kitchen today,
Eleven yummy things-sadhya at midday;

Fresh flowers and clothes new and bright,
A pretty pookolam-a welcome delight;

Celebrating Bali's true and generous way,
Wishing you a Happy Onam today.

PS: Do check out the links for further and better information on Onam..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Story of my Love Life....

i never thought i would find a song that aptly describes any part of my life....
but i recently found a song that describes my love life perfectly...

ONly his name isn't DREW....and i don't play the guitar...lol...
but in essence its the current state of my love life...
not really my kinda song...but the lyrics just HIT home!!

its called "teardrops on my guitar" by an artiste called Taylor Swift...
here are the lyrics..
Teardrops On My Guitar Lyrics

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without

Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's so damn funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night


He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

[Repeat Chorus]

So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into..

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

do check out the video on youtube....


i know i've been away a really long ....
i actually want to add a special sorry to annie along with a thanks...
i've been busy with a job interview for the past week....but sadly i've not ended up getting it...so i'm really sad about that...

neway...am back...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On 15th August 1947, Nehru gave his speech about "A tryst with destiny...." with hope, pride and vigour in his heart..
Today, exactly 60 years of that day...let us ask ourselves whether we have achieved that which our forefathers dreamed..
I think..the answer is we have and also not...
Because..India has truly made scientific, economic and cultural progress..
But with all these positives have come too many avoidable and unavoidable negatives..
When I say unavoidable I mean-- pollution, economic divide etc...
and by avoidable I mean--corruption, communal disharmony, media circus etc...
For most of us this has simply become a day...when we get a holiday from work and school...Sing Jana Gana Mana after the flag hoisting and see the parade on DD1.(*tho i wonder how many peole do the latter as well nowadays*)
To write a good appraisal on the current state of India, I will need to research my facts and figures...but then that may be a technically correct analysis...but what I feel from the heart is...

India is a resilient country, and has been and continues to progress exponentially, despit all the hurdles and encumbrances...Everything has its positives and negatives, so before criticizing next time we should keep in mind...to cite a few examples...
Political system--yes it is corrupt, slow but has sustained over 6 decades and works remarkably well for a country with the size and diversity of India...
Economic system---yes it is increasing the economic divide...but only because of these same policies have we carved a much required niche in the world economy..
and so on....

Each one shud try to think of a way they could do some good to the country..I dont mean a grand plan(*If u can come up with one then ...brilliant!!*)
But I mean..by just individually being a good citizen....
Vote..Pay ur taxes on time, be a good Samaritan, involve in social service in ur area etc...
that can be our contribution to=== India-A Superpower...60 years hence....
To end just something I wrote...


In search of solace,
Hurt and Lost,
I cried, till I found her lap;

In her arms I lay,
Broken and Bruised,
I cried, till the break of dawn;

In the shroud of her care,
Soft and Caressing,
I cried, till the pain was gone;

In my mind I saw clearly,
Numb-robbed of Sensation,
I cried, till the tears dried up;

In clarity, helped by care,
Lonely, but not Alone,
I cried, silently, till she could hear no more;

In that plight, so straight I stood,
For Her and the World to see,
I smiled, but my heart still cried within me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


My circle of friends is very large...I really believe in making friends for life..
They are my priority most of the time..its only in rare moments I selfishly think solely for myself..
Sometimes a lot of the things that i want to or have to do at a personal level remain undone because of this...
Now every human being...goes through phases when they need to be purely with themselves, thus limiting or in some cases entirely cutting of contact with other people..I've been there myself and completely understand the sentiment..
But when 4-5 people in the circle of friends,that is close to u, do that...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!
then it gets too alarming for coincidence..
Now these are all friends who have nothing to do with each other, so its not something decided amongst them...I haven't really had fights with any of them lately...so baffled and stumped i was..that when realization of this situation dawned..
My First reaction: Have I changed?? Or done something wrong?? And what am I supposed to read into this??
but slowly on reasoning, analysis, confrontation and reassurances...
(*What a relief!!*)
I respect what each one of them is doing or has to do..each for their own reasons...
but it had left a pocket of vacuum in my life...
So this is one time that I'm gonna be selfish and wish that they all just come back soon!!
Am really missing them all!!


i have,
myriad questions,
unanswered they remain;
i have,
all emotions bared,
like a mollusk u remain;
i have,
tried all i could,
unyielding u remain;
i have,
made silence my ally,
but ever loyal to u it remains;
i have,
a companion tried to be,
stubbornly alone u remain;
i have,
a hand toward extended,
like always u treat it with disdain!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In this journey of life,
Walking on the road of time;

Somewhere down the lane we met,
Towards a destination ours paths were set;

Helping one another on the way,
Blossomed a friendship, meant to stay;

But the road suddenly came to a fork,
Directions in which life sent us broke;

The distance brought in a gap,
In the friendship, as well as the road map;

So now we go our separate ways,
The journey spanning more than just days;

But, I'm still hoping our paths will mend,
Somewhere before our journey's end.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Your take on love....

Recently, a friend of mine put up a question for me in one of his blog posts...
It simply said...

ur take on love..........

and I replied thus....

vitruvian said...

my take on love...i'm sure v've spoken on the subject like a zillion times...
heres an ad hoc rhyme..

in my human eyes..
through lifetimes..
the state of love varies...

to my innocent mind..
in a bygone time..
love was like a quintessential lea...

to my hardened heart...
in a then stark life..
love was like a turbulent sea...

to my inexperienced mind..
in the current moment..
love is like an entity..

its boundaries blurred yet clear...
the sole reprieve yet my greatest fear...
pain which seems like exquisite joy...
a confused lie which i deny!

i hope that answers ur question...

Now for my readers...answer me this...

ur take on love..........