Saturday, September 08, 2007


A cauldron with drops of honey,
Without any knowledge,
Awareness adds various ingredients,
Different for each one,
Sometimes good, Sometimes bad,
But eventually a recipe is what you have,
The stirring with a turbulence begun,
The ingredients react,
All the cooks can do is wait and watch,
Apprehensive how the dish will turn out!


curryegg said...

I feel like this post is slightly about our life.. in real life although it's written about recipe. Good post! It makes me think.. ;)

akanksha said...

even the cook is apprehensive about how the dish would be...amazingly true.Really good one.:-) Your words are so close to reality...lovely poetry

Ashu said...

Good corelation. Sneha.

You seem to be on a hiatus this days. I remember you droppin bi my blog few days back, but thereafter you dint come.

I hope all things r fine @ ur end....

Take care


annie said...

Wow Wow wow girl!!

Rajeev said...

SUPER! :D hehehe! nicely written sneha! ;)
"Beat into consistency
liquify into normality
add a dash of superficiality
mix until light and preppy
Ice thin with a glaze of happiness
Sprinkle a smile just for garnish,
(or a laugh for decoration)
Serve with sweet niceties
to mask the bitter taste of misery"
hows this recipe!? lol!

peace & love

vitruvian said...

yup...u felt right!!
this is a post about our lives...thanks for the comments...

thanks A...reality...rather an abstract sort of reality!!lol..

thanks ashu...and i'm really sorry as well...actually..student days hark at has become more taxing..thats why i dont really get time to check out ppls blogs much...but i do try..sorry again..
will definitely drop by soon..

hey..thanks girl!!
i don't know about the "wow wow girl" part tho...
thanks anyway..

@ rajeev:
I must say..ur recipe sound much tastier and seem to have more flavour and personality than mine!!
cool one!

relations said...


your nice little things have a massage..
you seem to know the frailities and foibles of life..

sometimes what happens is there is a mismatch between the ingredients added and the prepared dish.. an adulteration called life occurs..

dharmabum said...

u getting more and more profound and introspective by the day.

annie said...

What's keepin you busy?

wildflower said...

Poem of a different genre it the cooks or the's the stirring and the turbulence that cooks the dish!