Thursday, May 24, 2007


There is no better way than a poem to tell someone what they mean to you...
On the receiving end of it, I can tell u..
It feels wonderful, to have someone tell you, that you are important to them..
and that your existance, actions and friendship means something to them..
One of my freinds gave me this gift..And it meant more than anything that money could buy..
He gave me this poem saying.."Its not one of my own..But I says exactly what I feel"..
Here it is:

What You Are To Me

In unhappy times when you hurt and bleed
I’ll be the friend that you will need

Coz you’re special to me in many ways
The way you’ve helped me in troublesome days

I’ll never forget the sacrifices you’ve made
My smiles you’ve loved, my tears forbade

You’ve been with me in all my joys
Every moment with you I have enjoyed

Everything you’ve done I will repay
In my own small insignificant ways

Coz you’ve been the friend I’d always need
And I’d be to glad if I could be

Something even close to what you mean
Everyday I thank God for giving you to me

Vidushi Khera


Floyd said...

Who's this vidushi ?? Nice she writes... Our college ??

Anonymous said...

HEYYY niiceee blogg!! makes you think an stuff:):) (y) good going sneh hehe:) WE WANT MORE!!!

Hanging Soul said...

Hi! I just randomly googled myself and found this...Its wonderful to see people finding meaning in my poetry...This is Vidushi by the way...

Just wanted to say hello to you and thanks to whoever sent this poem to you.

somebody said...


Anonymous said...

Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach