Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just us...

A thousand words are not enough for all that I want to say to you,
Eternity is not long enough for the time I want to spend with you,
But in this world where those things are hard to come by,
I will be happy with but a smile and and a moment where our eyes speak...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


aisi kuch baatein hai jo jaan kar bi anjaani hai..
aise kuch shaqs jo anjaan hai par pehchaane hai..
aise hi kuch pal jo apne hai...fir bhi begaane hai..

Friday, October 09, 2009


Khamoshiyon ko padhne ki jurrat na ki humne,
Hichkichahat ne thaam rakha tha mann ko,
Zabaan toh sambhal gayi humse,
Dil anjaane mein phisal gaya...

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Age and experience are supposed to make us wiser...
But from what I see they just make us bitter, cynical or nostalgic...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wake Up Sid

An extremely refreshing urban romance in the midst of the transition in the life of a boy who finally assumes his responsibilities and becomes a man. The character sketches were perfectly cast and brilliantly executed, with - Supriya Pathak as the shyly doting mother, Anupam Kher as the disappointed father, Ranbir Kapoor as the spoilt brat of a son and Konkona Sen as the strong-willed girl next door, who wants to make it on her own right.

The chemistry between Konkona Sen and Ranbir Kapoor is uniquely charming and immediately strikes a chord! The seamless romance which manifests in the proceedings of the film itself keeps you smiling throughout the movie.

Great pictorial tribute to Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay. Despite this, the flavour of the experience is tainted in the fact that objections can be raised on trivial issues such as using the older version of the city's name in a couple of dialogs.

All in all a good watch...2 and a half hours well spent...

A brilliant song from the movie....

The Window Slightly Ajar...


All this while, we have been estranged, there have been oceans of thoughts i have wanted to share with you. Things I would not normally share with anyone but would feel completely natural to let you know exactly what I am thinking at that precise moment.

Primarily amongst these, is the realization that my past associations, including the one with you, have been so strong that they in some way colour my present and will colour my future relationships as well. In this process of moving ahead, wherein I needed to shut shop entirely, there has remained a window that is ever so slightly ajar. This window in me which remains ajar is enmeshed in a time warp of such intensity that it insists on never letting me be whole again.

Now, emotional ambiguity prevails predominantly! In every action, reaction, relation, elation; there is a void....a vacuum that can't be filled...not even by your presence. I need someone capable enough to withstand the time warp to shut that last window, that's ever so slightly ajar.....Therein lies my salvation...


Saturday, September 12, 2009

My friend, Sancho

Its not the greatest literary achievement, but in the midst of an average story, Varma has hidden some amazing gems, that make me want to see where he can take his next book.

A few brillant pieces from Amit Varma's debut "My Friend, Sancho"....


In the red corner, Heart. In the blue corner, Brain. The bell rings. Brain steps out and weaves in a cerebral manner, footwork assured, technique impeccable. Heart, saunters out, belches and swings wildly. A few seconds later, Brain is on the floor, trying to breathe. Heart, like a WWF wrestler, climbs onto the ropes at the side of the ring and dives onto Brain, elbow first. Brain goes into coma. Heart raises arms triumphant over an enemy that never had a chance in the first place.


My house was a mess, as it always is: some mornings I wake up and have trouble finding myself. Abir, Abir, I shout, as I go from room to room, No success. Then I go through the day feeling disjointed, and when I finally do find myself, it’s when I wasn’t looking. Whatever.

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