Saturday, September 12, 2009

My friend, Sancho

Its not the greatest literary achievement, but in the midst of an average story, Varma has hidden some amazing gems, that make me want to see where he can take his next book.

A few brillant pieces from Amit Varma's debut "My Friend, Sancho"....


In the red corner, Heart. In the blue corner, Brain. The bell rings. Brain steps out and weaves in a cerebral manner, footwork assured, technique impeccable. Heart, saunters out, belches and swings wildly. A few seconds later, Brain is on the floor, trying to breathe. Heart, like a WWF wrestler, climbs onto the ropes at the side of the ring and dives onto Brain, elbow first. Brain goes into coma. Heart raises arms triumphant over an enemy that never had a chance in the first place.


My house was a mess, as it always is: some mornings I wake up and have trouble finding myself. Abir, Abir, I shout, as I go from room to room, No success. Then I go through the day feeling disjointed, and when I finally do find myself, it’s when I wasn’t looking. Whatever.

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