Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Keep Creating

Floating around blogosphere are several abandoned relics - a testament to the nature of humans. Deserted blogs, inactive social media profiles, failed attempts at journaling, news and reporting initiatives, collectives and many more such scraps of creation. This is also true of startups, inventions, art and everything else in the world.

Each of them stands testament to the creative force of human kind and the lack of perseverance in equal measure. They showcase the nature of humans to indulge in novelty and discard when the novelty wears off. I do not have any statistical backing but I'm willing to bet that on the World Wide Web there are at least 10 failed attempts for every successful one. I think, 10 is underestimating the actual volume but I'm trying to be the glass half full in the absence of actual figures.

What about the successes - you ask... Why ignore those? I'm not really ignoring those, they are already getting enough attention and hence they're being labelled a success.
Where I'm actually getting to is that within these so called failures are the streaks and the ingredients of success - that someone tried, that an attempt was made, that an idea was brought to life.

So, today is a toast to all the initial successes which were eventual failures. Let them not weigh you down! They stand there outside of you, a reflection of you in the world - as proof that you can create, you can build.

So what if it didn't succeed - keep creating, keep building and never stop. You will someday make something which will get enough attention to be labelled a success. Till then, the world is better of for just having one more creator.