Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rains..with freedom...at long last

My month long exams are finally done...
In the throes of my most important papers and the weather becoming increasingly oppressive, I'd been praying for respite. I've been waiting for the rains so long and so hard, I'm sure I beat the Indian farmer at it this time round!
Finally...It rained about 10 days back...
And baarish ka pehla side effect????
>>My mind obviously flew completely off my studies!!
I simply wanted to rush out and get drenched..but couldn't take the risk of falling ill in the middle of exams...I was trapped but my mind and soul was flying trying to capture the essence of the beautiful rapturous rain!!
Phrases were running amok in my head...but they were all in hindi...when i tried to translate they were simply sounding absurd and too ostentatious...the words were loosing their essence and meaning...
so decided to write in hindi itself...I beg pardon of all those people who may get offended by the malaprop of any term...
So here goes:
Station ke bahar pakode ki khushboo aaye,
Chapre ke neeche garam masaaledaar chai!

Phurrr se baarish hui shuru,
Dhunde toh dekha, chatri nahi laaye!

Jhijak ke do minute soche,
Phir bedhadaas paani mein nahaaye!

Woh geeli mitti ki khushboo, Woh garam bhutte ka swaad,
Without fail dilade barsaat ki yaad!

Kapde ho gaye kharab, Naale se badboo aaye,
Phir bhi yeh baarish maan ko bhaa jaaye!

Khao chowpatty pe bhaaji pau, Naarial paani ko mat bhulao,
Samandar kinaare baarish ka alag hi anubhav!

Ghar pe coffee aur kitaab, Bahar garajti kadakti barsaat,
Aise bhi, kuch apne dil ko lubhaaye!

Alag rangon mein, Alag dhangon se,
Jaise bhi ho...
Baarish mein mazaa toh sabko aaye!