Friday, November 30, 2007


Well...Wiki and Google are my uncontested God's and i will stand by that till my dying day..
But i have found some questions to which even these great search engines have no answers!!!
I think this in itself is one BIG question...
The way people lead their lives can broadly fall into three categories;
  1. those who believe solely in action...their thoughts are always rational...and practical...they live without wanting to realize the meaning of life (if there is infact any such thing!!)
  2. those people who try to figure the meaning of the life they lead...have an objective...and try to achieve a balance between philosophy and practicality(i would like to think that these make up the majority in the world)
  3. and lastly those who only philosophize...their brand of philosophy abstains from productive activity...and if they achieve any its purely accidental(there actually are people like this!)
What is this great question I'm talking about?? Some problem in life?? Some major decisions to make?? Well yes and no...
Its a basic question....LIFE???

If I attach and WHY's ...HOW's and WHAT's to it...then the nature of the question will be mis-interpreted....

There are Spiritual Gurus who tell us how to lead our lives...
Religion has been doing this, for as far as human history dates back..and has succeeded to a certain extent...the thought process and behavior of a person is greatly influenced by their religious background...
There are also Books about how one go about every possible activity involved in human life from ingestion to incarceration...for heaven's sake they even tell us how to have sex!!
Friends...Family...The people who form our society are important factors in the answer to this question as well...but at least we voluntarily allow that intrusion...

But now its my turn.....
OBJECTIVE...This, according to me is the essence of life...
If u've got to live a truly fruitful life you need an objective...
Now this term needs defining...I mean it should be a broad center of ur life...
For example..Someones objective could be to attain God....
To make the world a better place....
To simply be happy....

Now what is important is to define "What makes you happy?"
Success.....People.....Social Service.....anything....

This seems easy...but is the most difficult step of all...
Once u've got this sorted...the rest is what YOUR life will be...the way YOU want it to be...
Every step or decision you take...every long or short term plan or goal that yo make...will be to fulfill YOUR objective...

Now this doesn't mean that, everyone REQUIRES to have a dream or achieve something great in life.
Even the person who decides that to be happy is his ultimate objective of life and that his happiness lies in -doing a decently paying 9-5 job, go home to his family and take the kids for a picnic on Sundays, as long as he lives this completely,

But I'm still asking.... LIFE???

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My life is abhorred,
But for me was felicitous and gay,
as I chose the spiritual way,
They raved and ranted,
About God being squandered,
We listened enraptured,
Our minds staid and stronger,
We soon picked up rapiers,
And severed our minds,
Took an oath of subsistence,
Till placed in our shrine,
A promise of a tryst,
With the almighty lord,
Lured most of our kind,
To the paths we trod,
It wasn't a spoof,
I realize now,
I'm trooping those heights
My wish will materialize now.

(the thought i have expressed in the poem are what i understand form the concept of JIHAD from a time when terrorism was not a professional option!)

The reason I have written this poem from the perspective of a terrorist, is because I was genuinely wondering what makes them do what they do and stick by it remorselessly.

I tried to do a little reading to figure it out, but obviously a terrorist has yet come out with his/her biography saying "This is why i became a terrorist----".

The reasons could be a plenty and varied. Broadly it could be because of socio-cultural conditions experienced while growing up, company kept by impressionable minds and more often than not some personal experience of loss because of the same activities they perpetuate in order to take revenge.

Meaning no offense to any religion but a majority of the terrorists in the world today, are Islamic. Unfortunately, because of these miscreants and their distorted interpretation of their (actually beautiful) religion, a stigma had been attached to Islam in countries which are not primarily inhabited by Muslims. The prejudice has only increased the divide.

"Mujahideen", is the word they use, which means struggler(it has its root in the word 'jihad').
The mujahideens in history were considered heroes, thats another things the TERRORISTS have negated, the positive implication of JIHAD in history.

But despite their abominable actions, what actually disgusts me something else.

Today, Terrorism has become a high profile PROFESSION, under the false guise of religion.!!

Living in India, we have now faced a lot of terrorism in all parts of the country in the past 15 years. Right from the 1993 blasts to the Hyderabad blasts of last week, perpetrated by organizations from within and without. Each time a different Lashkar or Mujahideen organization takes the responsibility for the incident.

But among all other emotions, I always wonder,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When making my breakfast
in the morning today,
I wondered, what it my egg
represents my day?
An omelette, with chopped chillies,
onions and tomatoes,
Is a day when life, keeps you
on youe toes,
A fried egg or two, either sunny
side up or down,
Indicates a happy one or one,
marked with a frown,
An egg minus the yolk, for
the diet conscious folk,
A day of healthy living, lest
we die of a stroke,
An egg that goes wrong, can
be scrambled,
A day when life, is all
in shambles,
But fluffy buttered scrambles,
make a very tasty dish,
And ultimately breakfast in bed,
is now my wish!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Life deals everyone with at least their share of shit,
But each one reacts differently to it,
Some understand that it is crap and flush it,
Others stir it, just to test what happens.


I believe that there is a HERO in all of us.
This is because, according to me,
"To do the right thing, even when no one is watching, simply because it is the right thing to do is heroic."

This sounds simple enough, but ask yourselves,
how many would work as well if it were not for appraisals..
how many would study as well if it weren't for competitive and relative grading...

Begin by redefining a SUCCESSFUL LIFE..
Success lies in the quality you can see and feel in your own life, not, what others see in your life.

It is difficult to stick to the good path, to make this difference in your own life, simply because its right. We need to keep a constant check on ourselves, our life and other path to the future.

So the average man who does the right thing and is happy in his life qualifies as -my HERO.
The man
Who does his job well irrespective of whether or not his boos is looking,
Who plays with his kids, whether or not anyone is watching and
Who showers his love and lust only on his wife..

I think even such a person is a hero in life..