Monday, February 11, 2008


I just completed the 21st year of my life on February 8th and this year the celebrations
have been the best of all. This was all due to my friends who were wonderfully brilliant!

The day started at 12.00 am with friends and family from all over the globe calling to wish me a Happy Birthday. Many friends with whom I had completely lost touch called me as well, that felt really great. Amidst all of this, come 12.10 am a couple of my friends from my building landed with a cake. I know this is no new thing, but it was the first time that it was done for me so I was extremely excited.

Well one of the unfortunate things is that I had to sit through an entire day of lectures. Once that was done with I had planned a stay-over at a college friend's place. There the day seemingly began to go downhill. My friend told me in the middle of the day that we might not be able to manage a stay-over because she might be having some guests at short notice. Also most of my friends dropped out one by one due to some reason or another.

When the lectures were done, the friend whose house I was to stay at convinced me to at least spend sometime with her at Pheonix Mills, irrespective of whether or not we could manage the night time party. Churlishly I conceded.

Then began the surprise! I reached the McDonalds at Pheonix Mills to find that all my college friends were there, they had only pretended to drop out! We sat around ate and chatted for a bit, but my friends were strangely reluctant to leave. After about 20 minutes I come to know why!
They had co-ordinated with all my closest friends in Mumbai and got them all to come as a surprise for me. They also said that the stay over was very much on the agenda, the drama was simply to keep my mind of their other plans. The best part was that when I realized my friend Madhuri, sitting in Pune, had co-ordinated all of this!
We made merry for a bit while I was just unable to wipe a silly grin of happiness off of my face!

The rest of the evening went as planned. Cake, pizza, pepsi, party games and a late night drive!

It was my best birthday ever!!
I thank God everyday for my family, now I've realized that I HAVE to include my friends in that list as well!


Keshi said...

HAPPY 21st hun!

Lovely yummy pics :) Im so very glad u had tons of fun with ur mates. Yes it's a blessing to have TRUE friends in ur life..cos its a rare thing.



buddy said...

what about the finger jamming?

vitruvian said...

thanks for the wishes...
and regarding friends a truer word was never spoken..

that was all because of u!!!
my finger is still swollen!!
didn't u observe the post was rather concise for me....verbally i would have gone on and on...

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Hey :) . . Happy belated birthday girl! And i didnt know you were in bombay. . Well! . . And i loved your new template :)

Solitaire said...

Happppppy Birthday! This was a big one! Now you can legally start drinking, at least in the United States!

Ashu said...

Hey Sneha belated happy bday budddy!!!!!!!

And now its a rebirth with a new life and new confidence.......

rock on bebe and partyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ashu said...

and super cool template too, may i know where u got it ?

vitruvian said...

yea..i've been in bombay practically all my life...and i'm guessing ur in engineering as well na??

vitruvian said...

thanks so much babe....
actually the template na..i'd copied the code AGES i dont remember from where now..
but leave me ur email id i can mail you a couple of codes if you wish...

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Nope! Not that brainy! I am an mba. . Working in bombay for 2 years now :)

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

aloha :)
belated happy birthday
got ur link frm.. dnt remember.. newayz..
Cheerz to being 21, even i turned 21 ths yr.. cn drink n party in any country

c e e d y said...

belated happy boiday :)
cool you enjoyed 9 more years of uphill and then its downhill from there ;)

- damn nariman point.....:( you are lurkin in mah part of town :P

Madhuri said...

I can finally see your new template! It looks awesome. Once again, happy Sneha year to you:-)

gunj said...

happy buttdddaaayyyy
u really seem to hav sme great frendz
may all d gud luck b urs pal :)

Mez said...

O i missed it. Dishhh....Anycase here is to the sweetie pie Sneha…Belated Birthday Wishes. Btw nice change of template…chg. is always refreshing. Even in bfs ;)

vitruvian said...

oh come requires way more skill and brains...

@Knatchbulley Hughzscene:
hey...thanks so much for the wishes and also for visiting my blog...
yea...thats true "legal age" for everything...
but nothing really stopped me from partying and drinking even b4 today... :P

@c e e d y:
awww...don't say that...i hope its never a down hill...
but will just have to wait and see wont I?
yea...and queens necklace is Breathtakingly beautiful at night!!

yeaa..its cool na??
thanks...I hope u have a brilliant sneha year too!! :D

hey..thanks so much...
and i do seem to be lucky with friends dont I?? *touches all the wood within range*

hey thanks so much...belated toh kya hua...wishes are wishes after all...
yea..i love the template as well...iiiccceeeeccccrrrreeeaaammm,....yyummm :D;D

Mez said...

Kaash hum bhi jawan hote

Impressionist said...

omfg! Its over?
I missed out on ur b'day!
Im a real Asshole!
Im so sorry.
belated B'day wishes! :)


dharmabum said...

thats a coincidence. 8th feb is also my parents' anniversary. but then, they say, hell there ARE only 365 days in a year :D

oh, and 21st is supposed to be special. lots of people told me before mine, and i can never forget that one. at least, well, i remember it hazily now, looking back :D :D

Smruti Ranjan said...

A great discovery
belate happy Birthday

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