Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The latest in a line of fads online is FACEBOOK and it has been for a while now!
It does have its positives vis a vis other networking sites like the profile block options have taken the security to another level and the graffiti options lend it a very personal touch.
Another thing that makes facebook popular is its innumerable applications. There is available a wide spectrum of applications from the cutest ones like "What comic strip character are you?" to completely outrageous ones like, "What is your secret sexual fantasy?". Most of them are absolutely random and thus amazingly popular.
The human touch comes in with the superpokes like cuddle, party with etc (and can also be as silly as 'throw sheep at'!) and the Hug me applications. When used in moderation it can genuinely put a smile on your face. Awarding superlatives and nicknames to friends has become the coolest and sweetest gesture!
I find myself taking the most random quizzes on earth to simply kill time (it results in mass murder though!). My friends typically sned me atleast an average of 10 crazy requests a day.
A nice thing is that I met a couple of my blogger friends on facebook as well- helps me know them better.
What is sad is that the core purpose of the site .ie. Networking and Communication seems to be getting lost in a melee of applications!
Of all the people reading this..If you are on face book-
How many use it to leave your friends a message instead of throwing sheep at them?
Also your opinion on the place and importance of networking sites in our life is welcome.

This is unfortunately how MY facebook profile looks.. :(


c e e d y said...

its an interesting tool for programmers but as a user i avoid facebook....its too much into unnecessary crap...

that way for networking i like LinkedIn

sometimes i really want to ask those ppl why they waste their time in such stupid endevours....but to each one his/her own

Impressionist said...

hehe! facebook is fun!
but ur profile loading becomes too slow once u start adding al those applications!
Thats why I;ve stopped sending and accepting those requests! :D


Solitaire said...

I have an account on facebook but I hardly use it. Its too complicated. I prefer simple old Orkut which I am already bored of.

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Hey i checked out your profile :) its great. . But took an eternity to load. I think orkut is a lot better . . I feel its a lot more personalised. :) . . Btw. . Do add me :) he he he.

Mez said...

I find those applications such a sheer vellapanti man. Really cant get my way thru abandoned facebook. Find orkut much simpler to handle. And most importantly, it serves the basic purpose.

rOhit said...

Orkut is simple but Facebook is fun too. I am bored of Orkut, and facebook has actually broken the realm of being just a "social networking website". Its more than that. The quizzes n all is fun and good time pass.

And anytime, its privacy is much better too. Poor Orkut has copied almost everything from it. :P

Still, I love both. :)

vitruvian said...

thanks to everyone for taking the time out to reply..

@c e e d y:
people like me who have plenty of time on their hands and find it too boring to try doing something productive waste their time on such stuff...

I kno...a whole lot of my friends complained about the loading as well..I've deleted most of the applications now..try again!
and yea face book is fun so long as I can keep tattooing you at weird places!! ;)

yea..facebook takes getting used to na..if ur are really in "what am i supposed to do with my time" free then its fun! :D
orkut is useful for the purpose it was built...communication...

u loacted my profile..then send a request na I'll
and my profile..well I've deleted a lot of applications so it should be better now..

agreed very very true...
orkut..much simpler and serves the purpose..

yea..same here i have both as well..
I use facebook for timepass and orkut to keep in touch.. :D

Mez said...

Do participate in the polls on my blog and ur reply to the post – Crushes in Blogworld –I

gunj said...

i hate all d numerous applications facebook has...makes it difficlt to use!

Ashu said...

I m fed up of social networking sites....had an orkut, but after i broke up, i deleted cos he started monitoring it for juicy bites, which i dint want....though later it added lot of security features, but then i was bored and up with it :)

so for now no myspace, facebook or orkut for me. and trust me i m much better off without it :)

Ankur Bhageria said...

hey i use it purely for exchanging greetings n messages! :D

oh n playin poker too! ;)

It seems wayy to complicated fer me, n gettin to learn it would involve me renouncing my laziness n making an effort.. which goes against all my principles of life!

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