Friday, March 07, 2008

Someting about a few things...

Strange title though my post possesses it does originate from someplace in reality.
After a long spell of a relaxed time wherein the most taxing thing I would have done would be to simply get myself to college ( in which also, records say I defaulted by more than 40%......OMG!!! I'm sooo dead!), I was suddenly plagued with what I call quite a bit of work yesterday.
Though I'm still in my final semester my training for my future job in Convonix has begun. As a part of the evaluation process we have to complete an assignment in the each week before we met for the training session again.
Well can you guess what my assignment for this week was???
Writing articles for BlOGS!!!! Cool na?
My deadline for the articles was Thursday before midnight. Only thing was I knew nothing about the topics. But everything considered not too bad.

Yes, thats what I was beginning to think as well when I realized on Thursday morning I had a project presentation and report due Friday morning 9.00 am for which I had to actually "CREATE" the project to present!
ALSO I had an article due for a magazine!!

My day went thus-
Thursday 6th March 2008
8.00 am:
Woke up with a nightmare. Got bathed and dressed.

9.00 am
Assessed exactly what had to be done and got started.

11.00 am
1 trigger of project complete(please I deserve applause for this one!)
An article on Personal Loans Complete.
Rush hurriedly for driving class.

1.00 pm
Enter home.
Gobble down lunch.
Get back to work.

4.00 pm
1 entire module of project completed(yelled-"Yaayy!!I have something to present!!")
Article on Home Loan complete.
Researching Video Game consoles(I know naught about them!)

7.00 pm
Article on Video Games complete(I actually know the differences and features of Wii, PS3 and XBOX now...theoretically of course)
Article on fractal theory complete.
Begin report of project.

Salsa Class.

9.30 pm
Devour dinner.
Continue Report.

11.00 pm
13 pages of the report done.
Begin Powerpoint presentation.

1.00 am(7th March 2008)
Compiled report and ppt ready.

1.30 am
Study 25 pages for test which is scheduled in 8 hours.

3.00 am
Drop into bed exhausted.
I'm sorry I bored you'll with my entire day's timetable. But its been a long long time since I'd done so much work all in one day and I learnt a little about so many diverse topics.
  1. Personal loans
  2. Home loans
  3. Use of fractals and applications
  4. Video games
  5. Insurance
  6. My own final year project(lol...)
Now, thats what I call a satisfying day!


mayz said...

gimme a 5!!!!
ur assignment was jus an article for blogs...
my whole blog was a project for me in my 4th term in was d final assignment in d subject of "Management of Creativity" :D

gunj said...

boy...hw i wish i got such interesting assignmnts!!

Solitaire said...

Wow..your work sounds fun!

Ashu said...

how did it go ?

bt_crist said...

i enjoy doing late-nit work,
havin daizy eyes, crampin legs, wrecked neck, diggin up loads of knowledge in a single nit...ouch. not again..haan ?

Keshi said...

gosh u busy girl! :)


c e e d y said...


after a blissful rest period - you just got shaken not stirred...

vitruvian said...

"Management of Creativity"...sounds interesting..
yea..mine wasn;t all that bad..

well..the random assignments can keep coming in...but i hate deadlines.

well this for a change WAS actually fun!

it went off oka..I dodn't fall on my face with anything.

@bt crist:
nah dude...i enjoy my sleep...

aww...i think everyone does atleast as much work if not more.
nut yea..i'm not used to being bufry.

@c e e d y: life became the ultimate james bond drink..:D

Impressionist said...

wow!! that may have been hectic but im sure u had fun!


Mez said...

Impressionist dedicated this to u:

@ vitruvian: thanx a ton!!
i dedicate this song to u

U can reply him on his blog only.

Mez said...

So hard working!!!!! I am ashamed of myself :P

Ankur Bhageria said...

All hail the Ultimate Multi-tasker!
lol, some real productive stuff there.. good on u!

Renin Raj said...

just an awesome blog dear friend

Aditya said...

lol... the schedule was quite hectic... but it happens... insight into video games ... ah... i luv tht :D

Ashu said...

@Mezie : chill

Cyndi said...

Good words.

somebody said...