Sunday, March 16, 2008

Silsila Suron Ka

I experienced a rare treat yesterday, two of the greatest instrumental maestros of Indian Classical Music performing together after seven long years.
Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma on the Santoor and Pandit HariPrasad Chaurasia with the flute created magic yet again like in their album "The Valley Recalls".
It was quite by chance that I was able to go and I really thank the heavens for it. Each of these maestros are synonymous with the instruments they play. They have elevated the status of their respective instruments and classical music world over and also retained the sanctity of their art.
The performance was organized by CRPIM(Center for Research and Promotion of Indian Music) along with Perfect Octave at Shanmukhananda Hall, Matunga. The program was divided into three one hour segments.

First there was performance by Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma on the Santoor accompanied by Ustaad Bhawani Shankar on the Pakhawaj, a percussion instrument- ancestor to the tabla. The rippling river like sounds of the santoor and the resounding sharp beats of the pakhawaj complemented each other beautifully reminding one of a river with a rocky bed close to a waterfall.
Shiv Kumar Sharma started an aalaap in raag Madhuvanti which Ustaad Bhawani Shankar built up to a jod, slowly leading the concert into a beautiful cresendo.

The second performance was by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia accompanies by Vijay Ghate on the tabla and Santosh Shank supporting on the flute. Panditji played a beautiful composition in raag Maruvihaag, which he jokingly proclaimed as "mera vihaag". The bansuri (flute) sounded like molten jaggery with all its sweetness overflowing. He led tabalchi Vijay Ghate a merry dance when they began the jugalbandi, but the latter manfully held his own to hearty applause.

The third and final segment was indeed a treat like I have earlier called it. Shiv Kumar Sharma began, sitting beside Chaurasia, dedicating the jugalbandi and performance to their age old friendship, claiming that it was not restricted by mortal life. There was an expectant taste in the body of the audience. The stage looked like a gathering of old friends, Sharma, Chaurasia, Ghate and Bhawani Shankar, great instrumentalists in their own right playing together creating a symphony, yet giving each other space. It was an hour and a half of pure rapture indescribable in words. They played primarily in raag Khamaj keeping it lightly classical with a little mixing of raagas. They teased, challenged and complimented each other drawing the audience completely into their performance. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly and that same joy was transmuted to the audience.
They received a unanimous standing ovation from an audience of around 15oo.
This was undoubtedly one of the most memorable evening of my life.


Ashu said...

this must have been an overwhelming experience for you sneha to see the maestros performing together :)

gunj said...

lucky u!

Keshi said...

wow it must hv been therapeutic!


Solitaire said...

Must have been a delight!!!

Mez said...

U love classical? How do u find Aman & Ayan duo?

mayz said...

wow!!! lucky u!!!

n really like d way u have described d whole thing...esp melted thats a beautiful comparison!!!

c e e d y said...

Hey thats cool...good to know you love classical - saw zakir in NY last year - it was an awesome treat...

have you been to banganga music festival ever? (hope you knows whatt I am talking about)
check this link

it is an awesome experience sitting at the pond with stage reflecting in it and the ambiance...damn miss it :)

Impressionist said...

wow! like I said! U sure are lucky lady!


dharmabum said...

hey, lucky you. i've heard the album, and its simply mind blowing!

vitruvian said...

@Ashu: most certainly was... :)

tell me about it!! :D

it sure was..more than therapeutic it was fascinating!!

it truly was...

Well i do like classical music though i dont understand much i just go by the ear..
i love the pair of them...i also like rahul sharma for that matter..

hey...thanks :)
it was way more beautiful than any descrption i could possibly give..

@c e e d y:
i hadn't heard about banganga...but it sounds awesome..
will go for it soemtime in life..

i kno i kno!!

yea..they make an incredible combo.dont they??

Alesea said...

after a long time somebody who writes about classical music on the blog....! phew! good to find u buddy...the third post on my blog called 'Strings of peace' is another music review of a concert that i saw..hope u like it...

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

somebody said...


Anonymous said...

This concert is out on DVD now and I purchased a copy from Nehaflix in the US. Trying to learn the sweet Maru Bihag on the bansuri with the help of the DVD.