Saturday, March 22, 2008

Memoir in six words

Celebrating the vacuum between insanity and illusion..


gunj said...


Ravi said...


Stumbled upon your blog through Gunj's blog.

I just wanna say that, You've a Yummy Looking blog, mam :)

Take care!

vitruvian said...

*winks back*

thanks for dropping by dude...
and i did visit ur site...but bollywood is something i can take only small doses of man!
u might be damn interested in bollywood and stuff but i sure hope ur earning out of that site as well man!

rOhit said...

Naaaiiccee!! :)

Ravi said...

Yup! I'm a hardcore movie lover :)

I still remember bunking my school and watching the first day first show of various blockbuster movies, back in 90s.

I never knew, one day, movies would become a part time income source for me!!

And, whatever little amount I earn from my site, goes in watching new movies (as I've to collect news articles/reviews about them) and eating out.

Just wait for my Hollywood blog to start ;)

Have added your blog to my Google Reader and now onwards, I'll be a regular reader of your content, mam :)

Maybe...I would learn something good, every time I read..what you write :)

Take care!

D said...

Did this 6-word-summary of my life too on one of the blogs. But come to think about it, 6 words aren't enough at all to describe the experience of living.

dharmabum said...

celebration, thats the key. way to go.

mayz said...

thats 7 words :D

thou very well said 7 words :)

Impressionist said...

hah! tag nicely done!
thanx for playing along! :)


Solitaire said...

Seven words ho gaye na!!!

I have mine put up too..check it out namesake!

vitruvian said...

thank u...thank u!!
u also please do na!!!
please please!!

god bless u sir!
but keep up the good work!!

that is so true...but i think i managed to fit the essence of my current take on my life perfectly...
it cant be called a momoir really but still...

life is the biggest party!!
no seriously...i like to celebrate the small daily aspects of life..

'of' id not counted!!
i shortened it with such great difficulty and u come along and find an error in technicality!! :(

it was a fun thing to think about really! :D

vitruvian said...

yes i know seven words ho gaye..ur the second person picking on that!! :(
yea...i'd checked out urs...
its too bad about ur apartment!!

DreamCAtcher said...

in empty spaces perhaps the GOD reside :)

Asmita said...

hey i too luve classical :)
gud post earlier one!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i am amazed how you are able to put so much meaning in just a couple of words...
beautiful :-)

vitruvian said...

hey...ur back after soooo long!!!
good to have u back!!
but ur talking of God to one who doesn't wholly believe..

thanks for dropping by...hope to see u here again..

hey..thanks.. :D

mayz said...

hehe...d devils advocate ;)

Ashu said...

Thoughtful one :)

durjoy datta said...

insane to be precise!

yes said...


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