Saturday, January 19, 2008

Like a butterfly
you think I am..
Broken out of
the chrysalis of time...
The time we shared
together as friends..
We retain the title
still today-but only in name..
In my colours
you will see it reflected..
The influence-
our larvae of same origin..
Little do you know that,
my life is a bubble..
I constantly move forward-
but with memories as lifeblood..


Nothingman said...

I wish there was some wind blowing in this picture ;)

on a serious note, moving forward is the thing called life :)



Ashu said...

Hey Sneha, thats uber cool poem....U gettin superb...And thats the philosophy of life, chak de sare gam and uth ke chal diye hum....

oh thats a bad attempt to rhyme, but indeed moving on leaving baggage of past is tough!!!!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Life?a roller coaster ride? A boat on wavy waters?or a bubble like urs?but a bubble cn burst anytime......
Couple of days back i locatd a long lost(15 yrs) frnd of mine on orkut.we used to be the best of friends when v were tots,but nw memory,unlike urs,was a spoilsport.she rememberd me just vaguely nd that hurt.but then it wasnt her fault prob. Cuz she had lived and grown up in bahrain for the major part of her life.
Bleh bleh.
Move on.
Jo ho gaya so ho gaya.
Tho i aint sure whether i believe in it myself.

The Tentacles of Thought said...
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Rex Venom said...

And it hits home these days.
Rock on!

Mez said...

A bow to you :)

vitruvian said...

@The Tentacles of Thought:
i think whether or not u believe in it...everyone essentially does it.. bad she didn't recollect matter...
koi aur yaad rakhegi.. ;)

@Rex Venom:
hey...firstly thanks for dropping by...
and yea...this does hit big time according to circumstance na?

hey thanks annie...

Ashu said...

my reply Sneha ?

somebody said...