Sunday, January 20, 2008

I got my first blogger award from Rajeev..
thank U :D

I want to pass on this award to..

Nothingman-for both his blogs..
Jeevy himself for his amazing work and even more amazing templates..
Ashu-for being herself...
Annie- for starting afresh..
Dharmabum-for writing amazing posts..


Nothingman said...

Hey thanks for the award thingie :D

now lemme check the rest of the bloggers who got this :D


Mez said...

Tnxzzzzzzzz darling! I owe some bit to you..

vitruvian said...

hey..u for one totally deserved it!!

@Mez: sweet of u to say that!!

gunj said...

lovely page u hav here! :)

dharmabum said...

ah! an award for bumming around. life can't get any better i say!!

thanks :)

Standbymind said...

hey congrats man :) ) ) )

Keshi said...

cool, congrattts to u and to all others u mentioned here!


Ashu said...

Ahhhhh thanks Sneha, so cute of you for this.......Wud cherish this for long time :)))

exams over ? pls do blog frequently now........

have great times

J E E V Y said...

And u gave back the award to me?
lol! thats so nice! :D thank u! :D


lemonade said...

congrats!! :)