Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the eye of the beholder

Boredom is rampant today where attention spans last micro seconds and todays new got old yesterday. My threshold for the same is very low as most of my generation. It was time to alleviate this reccuring boredom which is slave to distractions. Indeed it was!
People and places are a fascinating subject!
There kick in the complaints...
"I dont have the time".."I'm too busy"..."Travelling nowadys is such a pain" al..

But I say you dont need the time all you need is your normal life.
We all travel to our place of work or small errands for home or atleast go shopping!
Look around observe, the world is new each time you look at it!
Take a new route to a familiar place, reach there by a different means of transport..Look around you is a place of beauty that is uniqe, like no other! Isn't that what we look for each time?
My answer to places and travel is a poem my cousin once wrote..

I see beauty in the overcast sky
I see beauty in the rabbits eye..

At this juncture I'm going to make a statement- People are fascinating.(period)
There is a story with each person and in every conversation. A wonderful new horizon better than a book of stories is open to you. The variety of joys, sorrows, problems and events that you get a peek into within a window of a 10 minute conversation is phenomenal. Apart from the appreciation of the human spirit you develop another gift is the value of your life and the conveniences we usually take for granted.
These two observations in place....I'm never bored now!!


humbl devil said...

welcome to the club...

akanksha said...
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akanksha said...

Hey..Remember me? I m here after a long time now...
Anyways,coming to the post, It made me sit n think.THought Provoking Indeed.

Eximius said...
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vitruvian said...

@ humbl devil:

Of course I remember u...
dureja right??!
I'm happy u've come back to blogging..(like i have)
I will visit ur blog soon!!

Standbymind said...

You are so very right. That way the life is never boring..infact its a brand new life every day...!

vitruvian said...

really...and amen to that!!

vitruvian said...
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somebody said...